Person of Interest: 6,741
May 16, 2016 8:38 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sameen Shaw escapes her captors, but the team is unsure of her mental state when she begins to act paranoid and reckless.
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In which Shaw/Root shippers heads explode.
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I kept hoping this was all another Machine if/then exercise.

And the wall of dead lesbians gets another member, in exactly the usual way it always does.


I guess it's all a Samaritan simulation? But she's still thwarting them somehow.

Go girl. Over and over and over and over again....
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Some of the best television I've seen all year, and I watch entirely too much of it. Figured something strange was going on throughout the episode, but wasn't as on it as some people, apparently. But then again, I'd been out swimming laps, then sanding down an end table. (Liked a recent reference to "The Parallax View" by Fusco, and this time a bit of a tip of the hat to "The Manchurian Candidate." The writers will get to all the good political conspiracy thrillers eventually.)
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That was fun. I knew something was going on but I wasn't sure what. I considered the possibility that she was really free but most of what we were seeing was a simulation while the machine tried to determine how she was being used by Samaritan, but what was actually going on didn't occur to me. I am going to miss this show.
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I've always hated the "it was only a dream" trope ... But this one was a gut punch.

Of course, CBS spoiled it a bit about 3/4 through with a promo for the next episode, so we knew John wasn't really dead. I'm kind of dreading it because they appear ready to kill someone off ... And based on past experience, they will, although not necessarily who the teaser implies.

I hate to lose my favorite show, but so far they're going out in a blaze of glory.
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I wasn't exactly sure what the end result was going to be, but I knew something was up when they stormed Samaritan HQ so handily. I hope we get more Shaw soon, I was sad she ever left. My only quibble (and it's a minor one) is with things that were not witnessed by Shaw that were still shown to the audience. Since it turned out to be a simulation for her the only reason you'd have people talking about her while she's passed out in another room is for the tv audience.

Oddly, this is the 3rd tv show I've seen in the last year or so that broke out the "have a character undergo a terrible scenario over and over again at great personal cost" story line. I guess spoiler alert: Doctor Who had an episode about it recently and the anime Madoka Magica has it as basically the entire series.
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There was a (great) episode of The Librarians with basically the same theme. It was a considerably more lighthearted take, however.
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I thought this was a simulation from the point she saw the boat. Then when Creepy Dude revealed the usb was a trap, I thought "Maybe this IS real." It's a testament to Shaw's strength that even after over 6,000 simulations she'd still kill herself to protect Root and the Machine and the only change is that it took her an hour more to kill Creepy Dude. This is why I like this show. They can take a hackneyed trope and make me enjoy it.
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