Grace and Frankie: The Party
May 17, 2016 4:22 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Babe and Frankie continue with party plans...and end of the party plans. Mallory's daughter learns some swear words that she demonstrates to her grandpas.

Babe doesn't want anyone else at the party to know she'll be dead by sunrise-- so go make brunch plans! Anyway, her cancer is everywhere and she might as well go out with a bang. She and Frankie discuss gallows humor and super terrible death jokes, which I think went along the lines of "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" "Sorry, I can't, I've got cancer, you fucker." Frankie's not sure if she's down to help with this or not.

Grace is hauled home by a cop, which makes Frankie immediately flip out: "I didn't even do it yet! I was right! Minority Report is real!" She and the cop have a fun discussion over whether or not one would pick up someone who was drunk and assaultive--the cop does it every day.... But personally, the cop would have changed the locks. Anyway, Grace is at rock bottom and finding out about Babe's going away party doesn't help. As a Catholic, she refuses to help or attend the party and wants to think there's hope, but...well, you know. Frankie will do it, though. Babe's party is a success, Grace does show up anyway, and as far as we know Babe went out peacefully.

For some reason even though Mallory is now huge, she's off bed rest and dropping her daughter off at Grandpa's...where they figure out that little Madison has now started saying "this fucking guy." Apparently directed at Sol. Which she learned from her mother recently. Oops. Also, Mallory suspects her husband Mitch of cheating and well, the guys can pretty much tell that a lot of that is typical cheating behavior, but try not to quite say so.

Quote Corner:
"I'm still sorting out this gallows humor thing...I don't now how Jeff Foxworthy does it." -Babe
"She flushed my geodes!" -Frankie. (How big were these geodes?! That should totally wreck your toilet.)
"Girl, you ARE a naked lady mud flap!" -Grace, describing Babe.
"Did you know in North Korea they use vodka as truth serum?" "Then Dennis Rodman's a fucking liar." -Babe.
"You always wanted to make out with Sting. I'm sure Trudie will give you a special dispensation." -Grace
"I love you all. Now get the hell out of my house!" -Babe
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