The Adventure Zone: Ep. 40. Lunar Interlude III: Rest & Relaxation
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That last adventure was a tough one. Our heroes have earned some time off -- both from mortal danger, and from each other. But how do adventurers spend their downtime between jobs? Also, what's hot and fresh at the bakery counter of the Fantasy Costco? Magnus considers a change in careers. Merle dishes out some beard-centric philosophy. Taako takes on a pupil.
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Team Sweetflips! This was an amazing episode all around.
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So happy Travis chose to multiclass Magnus, especially as a rogue. IMO fighters in 5e can be a little bit one note so it'll be interesting to see what he does with it. It was also really great that he came up with a backstory as to why he leveled up how he did. Like, not just *poof* I'm a rogue now! He actually had a why and a how.

Also, I love Angus Agnes so much. I just want them to be nice to him :c
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The relentless bullying of Angus is for some reason the funniest thing in the world to me. That poor sweet boy, eating his macarons alone. Such great character development in this ep. Magnus and Carey Friendship And Woodworking Hour (The engagement ring omg!!!), Taako being afraid to cook for the people he cares about, Merle's surprisingly insightful theology. I hope they do another anthology like this at some point.
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Yeah, I know some people are turned off by the casual meanness/clueless indifference of the party, but it cracks me up too. Great episode.
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Taaco using Blink to get the gashapon operation wrong yet again was a masterstroke.
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I have to assume Justin lays awake nights thinking of ways to piss off Leon.
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