Archer: Liquid Lunch
May 19, 2016 10:51 PM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Archer and Slater cause a rift between Archer and Lana.
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On a show packed beyond capacity with great recurring characters, Slater is the best.
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Yes, Slater! Have they ever made any references to the fact that he's Christian Slater, other than the name Slater? Any subtle references to his movies or anything? What is with the shirt he always wears?

This has been a very good season. They kind of lost their way a bit last season but they're more than making up for it now.
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I was really worried we were past Peak Archer but they've been hitting it out of the ballpark all season. This episode convinced me we need The Krieger Show, now more than ever. Maybe Krieger can stop Trump.
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I really, really enjoyed this episode, much more than the last one.

When Slater showed the picture of the target, at first I thought it was a Krieger clone/twin/duplicate. Sadly I was proven wrong on that, but I guess the show made up for it by giving us a Mallory Fembot (those things creeped me out so much on the Bionic Woman that I had nightmares for ages).
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Agreed 641-A, agreed! I was apprehensive prior to the season but Archer's been absolutely killing it.

I have weird feels about Archer indulging in his Oedipal by-proxy thing. Him having one isn't an issue (obviously hilarious), it's why he's indulging in one. His apparent cluelessness regarding his evolving relationship with Lana (he tried to be a father to Abigene and improve relations with Lana last season); I wonder if he's trying to blow Lana and his kid off, or if this is one of Archer's traits where he thinks that relationships are static things? Is there going to be a payoff, or are Archer's antics like decisions that characters on The Walking Dead make?

Fucking A, Mallory! I wonder if her (initial) resistance was a nod to her extremely elevated liver enzymes from drinking* or if she's developed partial immunity/tolerance to scopalamine as part of her training?

Regardless, I love that Ray is in cahoots with Krieger.

Pam knowing Cheryl well enough that all she had to do was wait was touching.

But hey, how about some (strictly platonic) girl/boy shenanigans with a boy other than Archer?

*Precedent in-universe: Archer wakes up from knockout drops much earlier than his gay lover had timed - and attributes it to his stratospheric liver enzyme activity - in that episode where Archer was kidnapped to start a B&B business. And Cyril has to run around in the snow in his underwear.
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Watching Mallory kick Kriegers ass was the most and best Adam Reed flip-out I think I've seen.
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I feel like this show is a little too dedicated to fucking with us for this just to be the setup for the pool corpse to simply be a LMD kriegerbot, so I wonder how they'll handle it?
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Eh, I didn't love this one. It was nice to have some Ray/Krieger interaction, though.
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This was the strangest, flattest I've seen. As in, if I were to write an episode, it might turn out like this. The constant harping on all the bad the CIA have done, as though this is news and/or relevant to anyone. It was weird, you know?
Still this season has had a bunch of great jokes and I'm looking forward to the next three seasons. Whatever they're paying, FX is getting a wicked good deal. This show is every bit as tight (at its best) as "30 Rock" or "Simpsons".
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