The Night Manager: Episode 5
May 23, 2016 10:31 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Roper realizes someone close to him has betrayed him, and begins to narrow down the suspects. Jonathan tries to send a message. Jed tries to help. In London, Angela finds herself blocked and menaced.

In this, the penultimate episode, everything seems to be going Roper's way, and he proves to be a master of both spectacle and illusion on a grand scale.
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Back where we started.

The opening credits of this series are spectacular.
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I'm having a hard time believing that everything can be wrapped up in one more episode. (Are there more seasons in the works?) Jed's mystery other child, ALL the corrupt MI6 officials, the actual location of all the weapons, the Cairo return--there's just too much.
posted by Liesl at 7:17 AM on May 26, 2016

Well, in Le Carre, everything doesn't get wrapped up, typically
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Is Roper really making enough money from these munitions sales to cover shooting down multiple military airframes? I mean that looked like a $218 million C-17 shot down during the demo.
posted by infinitewindow at 9:19 PM on February 18, 2017

Also I didn't buy Roper freezing Major Corcoran out. Corky loved three things in his entire life: boys, drink, and Roper. Corky giving up alcohol is the purest act of devotion and adoration of which he is likely capable. Roper is self-centered but not so self-centered that he wouldn't have noticed that... right?
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Ack, don't hurt Mr. Burr!

I'm glad Corky found Andrew's fence hole. It seemed so obvious there, with him running about and looking suspicious. And Corky got a few good punches in, at least.
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