Buffy the Vampire Slayer: End of Days   Rewatch 
May 26, 2016 8:46 AM - Season 7, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Buffy uses her new weapon to save the day and get back in the gang's good graces, and meets a powerful guardian who tells her it was forged for her to use in the end times. Buffy and Spike admit the night they shared was something special, but a surprise visit from Angel may get in their way.
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God, you know, I had to look up details on what actually happened in this episode. I do think making the penultimate episode of your entire show so full of filler is really unforgivable, and i think the show's entire approach to planning can be summed up by a moment towards the end of this episode, which I'll get to.

There are some great moments in this episode. The fight with Caleb is good, Angel turning up is pretty fun and feels earned at this point. The bit where Buffy bursts in and butchers the uber vamps, saving the day? Yeah, the show needed more of those moments.

And hey, the scene with Andrew and Anya in the hospital is fun, but it's clear that the show is killing time here. Same with the Dawn and Xander detour (and both acts of violence, the chloroform and tasering, come across as really weirdly startling and not something the other should really get over so quickly. For a plot line that doesn't mean anything, it's quite much).

We also have that absurd research scene, where

a)everyone keeps calling something that is clearly not a sodding scythe a scythe.
b)They somehow have power and the internet?
c)They genuinely just stumble across an obscure answer by sheer chance.

And of course we have that silly immortal lady who has been hanging out in a crypt in Sunnydale for thousands of years, waiting until someone happens to find the scythe. Which is not a scythe.

But the stupidest moment has to be that last moment with Spike. Spike sees Angel and Buffy kissing, and the first proclaims "That bitch". URRRGHHH! Nothing comes of this, other than a snarky comment from Spike next episode, so why include it? Just for a cheap cliffhanger? This show should be better than this.
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I remember watching this episode and saying "oh look, the FRAY axe. Does this mean the final installment will be delayed over half a year with no explanation?"
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Yeah why do they call it a scythe when it's clearly a shiny red axe/stake combo. I'd say the prop department screwed up and they didn't notice and change the script, but this thing was integral to the preceding Fray comics. An odd error in a season full of 'em.
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