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The family has to deal with the repercussions of the things they did last season, and also with the fact that Danny evidently started a family of his own, which was the cliffhanger from last season.

I think this show is remarkable, better even this season than last. The writing feels so real - it sounds like the way actual human beings talk. And the emotions get so raw toward the end.

The whole "murder mystery" aspect is I think the weakest part of it, but the family dynamics are so tightly drawn and well written.
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I haven't watched this season yet, but how can they have a show without Danny? He was the best part of the show!
posted by Catblack at 12:12 PM on May 31, 2016

His shadow looms large. I thought the same thing at the end of season 1. I thought it should have ended there. But they proved me wrong.
posted by jbickers at 1:18 PM on May 31, 2016

I can understand why a lot of reviewers had negative reactions to season 2, but I came away feeling the same way as jbickers. Admittedly, I do love both Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini from Friday Night Lights and Freaks & Geeks (respectively), so I may be a little biased (and I also liked Damages, too), but I thought it was pretty great.

Like the first season, the back half was also much more intense and engaging than the first.

Maybe it also helps to come from families full of complicated relationships (but aren't most families like that?).
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We just finished the last episode-WHOA.
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The resemblance between Danny and Nolan was striking, physically and in mannerisms and personality. I've never seen that done so well.

In the moment, the ending seemed unsatisfying. On reflection, I quite liked it -- this is much more realistic than stories where all the loose ends get tied up in one big fluffy bow.
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My reaction was the opposite: I was okay with the ending until I thought about it some and concluded that not only did they not tie up all the loose ends, they didn't tie up any loose ends, and created several new ones.

It read to me more like they did the same slow-burn thing as in season 1, but instead of building to a cathartic resolution that paid off some of the stuff they'd been setting up, they kept adding new problems, built up to one big dramatic problem, and then stopped. I mean, I like the implication that they're confident Netflix will renew them for a season 3, and I still like the show, but I'm kind of wishing now that I'd waited until I could watch seasons 2 and 3 together.
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I've only gotten through the first two episodes of season two so far and I have to say I'm ashamed to have forgotten just how good the show is. The people act like..people, rather than caricatures or stereotypes of people. And the camera work, while not dripping with layers of meaning like it was/is in Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, is every bit as beautiful. It's one of the few shows that makes me miss my big TV.

Thank FSM I have to go to bed or I'd watch it all in one ultra-long go like I did the first season. It's nice to take a bit of time to reflect, after all. Sometimes I think it would be nice if Netflix had a setting to only "allow" you to watch one or two episodes a day. The all at once release is better than Hulu's godawful linear-TV-emulating weekly dribble, though.
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Having now finished the season I just want to say that while it was enjoyable overall, the ending (or more correctly the lack thereof) is totally not OK. Literally nothing was resolved.

Also, what the hell is wrong with Kevin? The way he is written makes it seem like he completely lacks any form of self-awareness and any ability to learn from past situations. Maybe a week earlier his impatience left him incapable of waiting a few hours for things to be fixed, so he went and screwed shit up. Then he does the exact same thing again! I believe that makes at least three times, possibly more, where Kevin's timing was literally the worst possible given the situation. At least earlier in the show's run he had drugs to blame for his stupids.
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Six episodes in, and I'm finding the complete lack of compassion every single Rayburn has for Nolan and his mother is making me hate them even more than the whole drugs/murder/hide-all-the-secrets BS.

I'm kind of enjoying watching things unravel and am bummed to hear that there's not going to be any resolution of anything by the end of the season.
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A few more episodes on...the sun is coming up...I'm going to have to pretend to my family that I woke up early and not that I spent the night totally sucked into this show.

Innocent, hopeful young flashback Nolan is kind of breaking my heart. Poor kid.
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All I can say, having finished the season, is that the idea of another season tediously spinning out what a bad idea it was for [character] to get into business with [that one guy] and what went on between [dead father] and [also that one guy] back in the day... it just sort of exhausts me.

I was sorry that Jane fell out of the story, because one of my favorite parts of the season was her figuring out how screwed up her family was and calling them out on it. I also liked the various points in the season when various characters started piecing together what had happened.

I read a review of the season that said the characters were types. Yes, but at the same time I felt like some of the characters were badly drawn because the shifted with the wind—Sissy Spacek's sudden welcoming of Eve and Nolan, for instance, didn't make a ton of sense to me. (I also expected a bigger payoff from the leaky shower in Bungalow 3. It felt like a Chekhov's gun that never really went off.)

Watching this reminded me a lot of the way that soap operas spin out the week so that everything finally happens on Friday. Only this is even more annoying.
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