TV: Casual viewing?
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Anybody watching Casual? Anybody want to follow Casual via FanFare?

Just wanted to see if there was any interest in adding this show to the list of those being discussed. I'm not necessarily volunteering to post threads (only because I don't always get a chance to watch things the day they air), but I'd likely participate in any discussions.

The second season has just started and for those who want to get a better sense of the show, here are last season's AV Club reviews.
posted by sardonyx (5 comments total)
Posting a full-season thread seems to be working for us in Wayward Pines and Angie Tribeca.
posted by Etrigan at 6:29 AM on June 8, 2016

That would be a very do-able approach. Thanks for the suggestion. Of course the question remains is it even worth bothering if there is so little interest.
posted by sardonyx at 8:10 AM on June 8, 2016

I often forget to read Fanfare Talk, but I love Casual! I'd happily talk about it, but I generally wait until the episodes pile up a bit before watching.
posted by gladly at 7:22 PM on June 16, 2016

I just started the first season on Amazon in the U.K. and will definitely join!
posted by mgrrl at 9:16 AM on June 18, 2016

I think it's just the two of us, so sadly I don't know if it's worth posting a discussion. I like the show and wish it had much more love around here.

From what little I've seen of season two it's off to a really slow burn.
posted by sardonyx at 9:50 AM on June 22, 2016

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