Pre-season discussion ok?
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Is an "all season" post appropriate to discuss stuff that comes out before the show's premiere?

I was thinking of making a post for RPDR: All Stars 2 because (as with a lot of reality TV) typically official promos, cast lists, photo shoots, interview snippets, previews, etc. trickle out incrementally in the couple of months leading up to the first episode. It can be fun to water-cooler about that kind of stuff, especially I think in an All-Stars season of a reality show where we know all the contestants already. But I haven't seen that done before here, and if if people feel like that sets a weird precedent for whatever reason I'm also okay with holding off.
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I like the idea!
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We do a lot of that sort of discussion of SNL's "off-season" (i.e., who got fired, who got hired) in the post for the last episode of the season, but I wouldn't hate the idea of an "Episode Zero" sort of post for things like that.
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I really like this idea (specifically for both shows that have been mentioned so far)
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I love this idea, especially for RPDR: All Stars 2 because I have a lot of emotions I'm currently trying to sort through over the casting of 5/10 queens from season 5 alone!
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Maybe as FanFare Talk threads like this one? It can be linked to from the last episode of the prior season (if there is a prior season), then itself link forward to the first episode of the next season.

Problem: it's a kludge, so you couldn't get to the "speculation" discussion from previous/next episode links.
Benefit: you don't get possible spoilers from these discussions, if you want to avoid that kind of thing.
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I'm actually not sure in this case how the linking works; does it go from last episode to first episode to whole season, or from last episode to whole season to first episode, or something else? I was thinking we could put "potential spoilers" above the fold; you're right, though, that that might not protect people who page through to the next episode (moot in the case of RPDR AS #2 because there's no thread for Season 1; possibly relevant to SNL?).
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If we wanted to kludge it in from the beginning, when the final episode for a given season goes up, someone could make a FanFare Talk post and cross-link the talk and final episode posts in the first comments of each post.

The talk thread could be quiet for a while, but you wouldn't have to hunt for the connection either way.

To make this a formal thing, the site could be coded to include "Pre" and/or "Post" after "All" at the end of a show's episode numbering options, but that's another wish-pony in the holding pen.
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