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Cassidy helps Jesse explore his newfound power; based on new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to seek revenge.

Tulip meets a woman named Dany in Houston and hands over the stolen map. In return, Dany gives her a slip of paper with an address. In a flashback, a car zooms past Tulip in an alleyway as an alarm blares nearby. “Wait!” she screams after the car. Back in the present, Tulip tells Dany that was the day she lost everything — including her relationship with Jesse.

Afterwards, Dany sits behind a mysterious Man in White in a pop-up movie theater and hands him the map. He dismisses her. The Man in White leaves the theater.

At the Sundowner Motel, Sheriff Root interrogates Fiore and DeBlanc, the two men who have been stalking Jesse. They explain that “something” got loose and ended up in Annville, and that people will die if they don’t find it. When Sheriff Root asks if they’re talking about an escaped prisoner, they say yes. Sheriff Root bemoans the state of humanity.

After Sheriff Root leaves, Fiore suggests they try using the can again on Jesse. “This time, no surprises,” he says, revealing an assortment of guns.

At the Loach residence, Mrs. Loach tells Emily that Tracy’s eyes opened after Jesse prayed with her.

In another part of town, Donnie walks his son, Chris, to the bus stop and tells Chris not to worry about noises coming from his parents' bedroom. Donnie adds that adults' relationships can be “complicated.” Chris apologizes for ratting out Donnie to Jesse and says he attacked a boy who mocked Donnie for getting beat up by Jesse.

Linus picks up a line of kids up in his school bus. He smiles at the young girl he once desired and asks her name -- his memory of the girl having been wiped out by Jesse. The kids on the bus erupt in squeals when they see Donnie, mimicking the sound Donnie made when Jesse beat him up. Donnie hollers at them.

At church, Cassidy answers a knock at the front door and finds a coffin with the body of Ted, the man who badgered Jesse for help handling his mother before ultimately flying to her nursing home and cutting his heart out in front of her. Emily tells Cassidy to handle the body.

Cassidy grabs the van keys and sees Jesse sitting in the common room. “I want to show you something,” Jesse says.

Out on an open road, a cop pulls Tulip over for speeding and asks her to step out of the car. The officer catches sight of a ring Tulip’s slipped onto her finger, prompting him to ask where she served. He lightens up as she lies about her time in the military. Tulip explains she was speeding because she’s desperate to help a friend who’s been making bad life decisions. The cop lets her go.

Jesse tries out his new power on Cassidy and barks out a list of commands, ending with “fly,” sending Cassidy straight into a wall. Cassidy’s excited about Jesse’s new power.

At Quincannon Meat & Power, Ms. Oatlash, the receptionist, leaves an envelope on Odin Quincannon’s desk.

At church, Cassidy brainstorms explanations for Jesse’s superpower and asks what it feels like. Jesse describes it as “all of God’s creation inside of me.”

At the motel, Fiore watches a TV news report about Tom Cruise’s death. He and DeBlanc are outfitted in helmets and bulletproof vests, ready to go deal with Jesse.

In Quincannon’s office, Donnie reads a letter from the owner of a company called Green Acre, which proposes a joint business venture with Quincannon. Donnie offers to beat up the owner. Quincannon doesn’t reply but tells Donnie to clear his lunch tray. Donnie struggles to pick up the tray with his one good arm. “A right-hand man with no right hand,” Quincannon says.

Cassidy cremates Ted’s body at a crematorium. As he returns to the van with Ted’s ashes, he sees Fiore and DeBlanc drive by.

Jesse drives down the road, lost in thought. Tulip pulls up next to him.

On the roadside, Tulip shows Jesse the address that Dany gave her. “Carlos,” he says. In a flashback, Jesse stands over a dead security guard whom he's shot in the head, as an alarm sounds in the background. Tulip screams at the getaway car as it speeds away. In the present, Tulip proposes they kill Carlos, the “rat bastard, money-stealing, child-killing, life-ruining son of a bitch.” Jesse and Tulip drive off together.

At night, Fiore and DeBlanc walk toward the church, armed with guns. Cassidy runs them over with the van, killing them. Cassidy looks at the bodies and recognizes them as the men he killed in the chainsaw fight. Believing them to be clones, he heads back to the church to find clean-up supplies.

Inside, Cassidy runs into Fiore and DeBlanc. Before he can kill them again, they explain that they’ve come for Jesse, not him. “He has something of ours and we need to put it back,” DeBlanc says, indicating the can.

Tulip fills up at a gas station. As Jesse tries to tell her something important, she gets into a fight with another driver. Tulip recovers from her argument with the stranger, but Jesse just shakes his head and wanders off to the bathroom without telling her what it is he wanted to share.

In the bathroom, Donnie sneaks up on Jesse with a gun. Donnie plans on making Jesse squeal this time. “Back up,” Jesse commands. Donnie backs up. “Sit down,” Jesse commands. Donnie sits down, with horror slowly settling in as he realizes Jesse has some sort of control over him. On Jesse’s orders, Donnie puts the gun in his mouth and pulls back the hammer. Petrified, Donnie waits for Jesse's next command. “I get it,” Jesse mutters to himself, finally understanding how his power works. He tells Donnie to leave.

Back at the car, Jesse tells Tulip he changed his mind. Despite her protests, he walks away leaving her at the gas station.

At the church, DeBlanc tells Cassidy that people will die if they don’t retrieve what’s inside Jesse. Cassidy asks what they want to do with it. “Nothing,” says DeBlanc, saying it must never be used. Cassidy asks what branch of government they’re from. “We’re from heaven,” Fiore says.

Outside, Cassidy tells Fiore and DeBlanc that he will talk to Jesse about their mission and convince Jesse to come to them.

At Sheriff Root’s house, Eugene tells his father about Tracy opening her eyes and suggests they pay a visit to the Loach house. Sheriff Root warns Eugene to stay away.

The next day, Jesse recites his eulogy for Ted to only Emily in the church graveyard. In a nearby field, the lid on a vent flies open, emitting a gas, before it closes shut again.
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