Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (2016)
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A college girl introduces her mother to her girlfriend... who happens to be a vampire.

I honestly am not sure what to make of this movie, which by turns feels like a very earnest and heartfelt coming of age movie, a parody of a very earnest and heartfelt coming of age movie, a softcore porno, a horror parody, and -- in a genuinely disturbing last scene -- a horror movie that...felt like I was watching a softcore porno? I'm not sure I can unpack all the levels here, but there's no question the film is really Quite Something.
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I thought it was wonderful. Like in a "I wouldn't call it good, but ..." way. It was so much fun! And some surprisingly explicit sex scenes that also strangely didn't feel overly exploitative? Or felt appropriately exploitative? So many things about this movie perfectly toed those kinds of lines.

Like it completely understood it was campy, but there wasn't a lot of overt winking at the audience. Like they trusted people to understand they were totally watching a movie about Lesbian Vampires that shared a title with one of Lifetime's more infamous productions. Those people knew what they were getting into and this movie just delivered it.

I want to watch this movie every Halloween alongside The Craft and Ginger Snaps.
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There's a very entertaining recap on Autostraddle.
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Stef: i…
i wanted bob to die
a lot
instead he got to live out my dream of rolling with the lesbian vampire coven forever and going to cool parties in convertibles with them?
Erin: and now he’s the undead
Stef: no justice, no peace

Word. The last scene made me wonder, though: We thought the lesbian vampire crew was, like, woke because they ate abusive men, but were they really? What made Bob okay? What dawns on me is that ultimately the vampires are predators, and Bob is a predator, and they were down a girl, so any old predator would do. Blood before...sisses? It checks out, considering they were willing to take out Pearl if she failed to kill Leah. It's actually a pretty chilling sentiment. But it's thankfully not one of those movies where lesbianism = (hot, hot) evil; the vampire crew may be secretly uncool, but Pearl and Leah's love is pure and true and saves the day (for them, at least).
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I was, er, uh, enjoying some adult beverages during this movie so I may have this wrong, but wasn't it just Pearl who said she only killed rapists/abusive men? Like I thought that was more of her own personal stance than one of the other vampires.

The last scene did seem like it was trying so hard to set up a sequel. I'm OK with that. I do think it was quite a weird tag at the end, though. I was waiting for Pearl and Leah to come in and kill them, but maybe that's for the next movie. I hope.
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