Steven Universe: Drop Beat Dad
July 18, 2016 9:16 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Steven, Greg and Sour Cream are met by a figure from the past.
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"80% of all Germans are DJs!"
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The previews hinted at Greg coming into money, most people assumed lottery or inheritance. I'm so glad it's money he actually earned but never received. I'm guessing Marty talked to a lawyer that convinced him to pay Greg off lest he ever realize he could track him down and sue him, not that Greg ever would have. I hope this money doesn't all get blown or spent on something meaningful and land Greg right back where he started, Sitcom style. SU is usually good for it so I'd like to see Greg's life permanently improve. He's well established as grounded and thoughtful enough to not let it ruin him, but I'd like to see him get the life he deserves, maybe find himself another large woman and settle down for his twilight years.

Marty and Sour Cream was great too. Yellowtail is a good dad, even if he's gone a lot and spawned the monstrosity that is Onion.
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I'd like to see him get the life he deserves, maybe find himself another large woman and settle down for his twilight years.

I predict that Greg is fated to sacrifice himself while protecting Steven, probably while playing Like a Comet as he shoots off into space or crashes into a planet or something. That song is absolutely a sacrifice song... I'm calling it now. Steven's heroic virtue is making friends, so it'll be the trait that saves the day as his team all sacrifice themselves for him. That's how Sailor Moon and the other templates of this show all go.

(But he'll bring them back to life somehow in the final episode, probably.)
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I liked that Marty's choice was between guacamole and sour cream.
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In Marty's earlier flashback appearance, I thought his animation style was kinda over the top villainous. I thought maybe this was a function of Greg's narration.

But nope. That's just how he looks. He was even creepier and scarier in this episode. It's telling that the only real human "villain" in this show so far is just some jerk who likes to exploit young artists for his own enrichment.
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Keep Beach City Weird has updated! Sadly, Ronaldo has had to accept advertising on his blog.
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"I'll protect you!" Rather aggressive for Steven.

Ian (one of the animators) has a cameo as Beach City denizen felled by Guacola.

Onion loves it. Of course he does.

"It's not even good on chips!"

Steven: confirmed to be freakishly strong. How will this feature in upcoming plots?

I can't see Greg hooking up with anyone else but maybe. Previews show he gets a new car. But he already built a house for Steven; he might prefer to just have his van so he can stay close to it without intruding. Also he's used to living in it by now.

Sour Cream breaking into Yellowtail speech and then calling Yellowtail "Yellow Dad" and finally "Dad."


Yellowtail brings home a couple of a briefcase...dripping wet. WTF Yellowtail.
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Hmm. He wasn't super strong in "Coach Steven", where he exercised until he was very sore. Perhaps he's as strong as he feels, and he's stronger now that he has more confidence. In which case, that makes me a little grumpy. There is a persistent myth in culture that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. No, you quite often have to set your body to it and do a lot of hard work. And some people's bodies will never be super strong no matter how confident they are. I like it better when the moral of the show is things like "your strength comes from your ability to ask for help" rather than "just feel confident and you'll be super strong".
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Galaxor, emjaybee speculated in the thread for Steven Floats that Steven might not actually be super strong, but instead able to make things he touches light (which is why the boat floated when it was placed on him).
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Problem with that is when he smashed Greg's van's dashboard in The Return, unless his touch makes things fragile too, and if you go that far you might as well say super strength anyway.
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We're talking about a character that can literally age himself to death or turn into a pile of several hundred cats if that's where his emotions take him. "You feel confident and then your physical capabilities improve" would be a weird thing not to include in his power set.
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I like it better when the moral of the show is things like "your strength comes from your ability to ask for help" rather than "just feel confident and you'll be super strong".

In this show, and particularly with Steven, confidence is the ability to ask for help, and to know that you can.

He's been strongest when he felt welcome, accepted, and loved. Weakest when he doubted others' commitments to him.
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I have to assume his roadie-ness is an important part of why he's strong in this episode. Roadies are strong and carry stuff, therefore Steven is strong and can carry stuff. It's purely mental, like that time Superman's strength was explained as a telepathic ability.
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I just now noticed the "Deadbeat Dad" stealth pun.
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