Steven Universe: The New Lars
July 21, 2016 4:53 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Steven inadvertently takes control of Lars' body!
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This episode pushed all my buttons! I've always had a soft spot for Lars, because I was also kind of a jerk teenager who hated myself and felt miserable and trapped and like I was constantly failing everyone. I was probably nicer than Lars, but I understand completely that cringing inner shame.

And then Steven basically turns him into a meat-puppet, confirms his worst fears (no one likes the real him!) and then thinks he can just apologize? That is very Not OK.

Sugar et. all have been generally good about consent issues in the show (though in retrospect, Sadie kidnapping Lars but him forgiving her for it is looking dicier, like he's everyone's manipulation pinata), but they are asking for a lot of trust here. Steven better not get a pass on this stuff. He's heading into supervillain territory.
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Stephen even decided to start out respecting Lars' body and privacy. I feel bad for what happened to him and how everyone sided with Stephen and blamed Lars for not being chill. But it's refreshingly realistic to show Stephen making a bad choice for once.
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Lars!Steven didn't understand the report card because he's never been to school!!!
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This episode is a total cringefest. I can hardly bear to watch it.

Steven better not get a pass on this stuff. He's heading into supervillain territory.

I think by the end it's pretty obvious he's realized he made a mess of things, and any net benefit that came out of it was accidental. I guess one could argue that I can't do this well is different from I shouldn't try even if I can do it well, but at the start remember he did try to respect Lars' privacy before getting carried away.

I thought it was a nice touch at the end where Lars took Steven's card and, without looking, just tore it in two and dropped it. It's nice that there's a character like Lars around who doesn't basically have a good life, and thinks Steven's kind of insufferable, even if we do want him to figure his problems out and solve them.
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Steven has a life full of alien danger and huge inherited responsibility, but he's earnest to the point of insufferability. I would be too, if I had a bevy of interstellar ladies doting on my my whole life.

Lars is hopelessly insecure and anxious and copes with aggressive posturing. His freak-out in Steven's house is played for laughs, but I can't imagine the raw proof that (almost) everyone prefers Lars!Steven will go down well. Sadie is codependent and I think deep down she enjoys Lars' issues. Steven has a long track record of trying to make people's lives better and failing spectacularly (Frybo for instance) and I think Lars is especially immune to Steven's brand of help. I hope they don't see this episode as some turning point in Steven and Lars' relationship.
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I agree 100% on the cringe factor. Lars and Sadie episodes are almost invariably cringe-fests, but there aren't too many of them and they help to keep the show grounded. It would still be "Crying Breakfast Friends" without them, but they aren't going to get a massive windfall or have their arms fall off or transform into a cat monster.
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I am disappointed that Lars's full name is Laramie. We saw him eating pickled herring once, and I thought that meant they were trying to tell us he was legit of Scandinavian ancestry and Lars was his given name.
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Just realized: When Steven wakes up as Lars he's in bed naked with a girlie mag (Title: Noice). Also the girl on the cover has a certain Sadiesque quality.
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Steven is getting to be almost alarmingly powerful. Super strong, can float, impenetrable shield, healing powers, can turn seeds into soldiers, and apparently able to possess people too.

Rose, presumably in full control of all those powers (+ sword!), must have been absolutely terrifying.
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Onion looking uncomfortable was priceless. :D
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I've been watching the hour-long Steven Universe repeat/compilations that Cartoon Network has been showing and alot of them are Lars episodes. Man, I really sympathize with him. He may be a jerk towards Sadie, but he also seems to get a rough deal a lot of the time, and Steven always seems to come down on him way harder than he does anyone else.
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If full mental control is a thing Steven can do, was it a thing Rose could do? Because that raises so many questions.
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Note that this is not the first time we've seen Steven do this.

It's just the first time we've seen him do it to anyone who isn't a watermelon.
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Actually I'd argue that contacting Lapis in a dream (while she was fused, even!) was the first use of this power.
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