My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 315: No Gods, No Kings, Only McCheese
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Happy Olympics-Time everybody! Can our brave Olympians solve the puzzle of the Five Rings before the torchlight's end? Or will the Rio Ring-Eaters doom their quest before it even begins? Suggested talking points: New 'Lympo Categories, Spacey Dog, Throw Up Catchphrases, Special Special Wine, McDonaldland Politics, Boat Home
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As much as the Justin seemed to dislike it, I could have listened to another 5-10 minutes of the brothers riffing on Mayor McCheese's libertarian utopia.
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So, is there a 'slowly bring yourself into the MBMBaM universe' guide somewhere? Because they have a daunting amount of backlogue.
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The Olympic events bit and the Bioshock/Mayor McCheese bit were fucking amazing.

So, is there a 'slowly bring yourself into the MBMBaM universe' guide somewhere? Because they have a daunting amount of backlogue.

I'd just start with a random recent episode or look at some of the clips on their Youtube channel. The early episodes can be a bit rough, both audio quality wise and occasional shitty jokes wise. (There's still some great bits from the classic era though, like Jeffrey.)
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Backlog must listens:

184,135, 151, 119, 39, 33

33 might be an all time favorite, though not necessarily the "best."

This is easily my favorite podcast of all time and I would HAPPILY go back and start from the beginning if anyone is interested in doing a re-listen. I started around episode thirty or so, and re-listened to favorites, but most of it has only been once.

It would be fun to identify the Birth of Goofs and track how the show has evolved (it has evolved a lot and so much for the better).
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I was pretty disappointed that their 300th episode bonanza wasn't more of a best-of. There's guys who collect the choicest of Giant Bomb, where's the MBMBAM highlight reels?
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The throw up catchphrase were killing me. Just killing me.
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Also, my dog's name is Burt, so it meant a lot of me that Griffin declared that Burt was a dog's name that somehow people had started using.
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I would totally be up for a re-listen of some kind. Though the boys themselves strongly recommend against diving too deep...
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I would be down for a relisten but maybe we could compile a few suggestions for favorites from Mefites rather than the whole catalogue?
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I've been working through the episodes from the beginning lately, and around episodes 40-50 Griffin makes jingles for the Money Zone sponsors and it's the BEST.
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*possible spoilers for those ads* Put your soap in my soap! Stack Soap!
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I did a full archive binge earlier this year. It was a lot of mccelroy.
There is one episode around 92 ish? I think where they suggest changing the format to be an all DnD podcast.
Then a couple of years later Adventure Zone!

The jingles were a high point though. I'd love to see them come back, but Griffin apparently does not enjoy doing them.
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The first episode of MBMBaM on FanFare is 237 - if we did the back episodes in something like 10-episode-per-thread chunks, one thread a week, that wouldn't be crazy unmanageable for listeners and wouldn't flood FanFare with too many threads until caught up.
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I'd be up for that.
posted by drezdn at 5:26 AM on August 11, 2016

that sounds good, steakums. y'all wanna start with episodes (gulp) 1-10 post tomorrow that we can kind of chime in on throughout the week as we listen?

the first fifty or so episodes are rough going as has been mentioned but they have some good goofs buried in the fits and starts
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I would have cheerfully listened to an hour of new 'Lympo events along with how the brothers received their new events.
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I dunno about anyone else but I literally had to stop the podcast because I was laughing so hard at just the question itself about catchphrases for just before throwing up. There's a lot to unpack in that one short question, you guys.
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