Adam Ruins Everything: The Second Season
August 24, 2016 6:54 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Since we last saw Adam ruining things, he started a podcast, got picked up for 14 more episodes, obliterated all stereotypes about millennials in one presentation, and appears to have lost all his friends, judging from the first episode.
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"Adam Ruins Hollywood" felt... flat? Less revelatory and counterintuitive than just some dude whining about how "reality TV isn't real!" And I hopehopehope that the absence of Emily and Hayley et al isn't permanent, because it was definitely felt here.

On the other hand, Rachel Bloom!
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. for Hayley
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You guys watching tonight's immigration episode? How is this show so good???
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(By the way, do not go to the Facebook page for the series because you cannot fucking remember Esai Morales's name and IMDB doesn't have this episode listed for some reason and look at the comments.)
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Ooh, we got Rhea Ruins Everything this week!

And Emily Heller! And Kurt Braunohler!

This season has more coherent plot arcs and better character relationships than the last two years of The Good Wife.
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I LOVE the characterizations & plot arcs on this show. Every week this show seems to elevate itself way above its own potential, which is already high. I also really loved last week's episode where the obnoxious mansplainer type was like "Oh you're the guy who says everything is bad!" And Adam's like "Nope I'm the guy who says everything's wrong!" I loved that whole character; that somebody thought to put Adam up against the person who he very well could be if everything about this show wasn't so careful.
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