Strangers with Candy: A Burden's Burden   Rewatch 
September 1, 2016 1:47 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Jellineck and Noblet find love. Jerri and Tammi Littlenut take care of a 10-pound baby.
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As Halloween Jack said in the last thread, Jerri's really not much of a sympathetic character, she's usually just less transparently terrible than most of the people around her. (Speaking of, Jerri's stepmom went from calling Kim Luc a "refugee" to a "war criminal" pretty quick there.)

The interactions between Noblet and Jellineck thing are enjoyable mainly because Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert are such a delight to watch, but wow, a lot has changed in US mainstream culture since this aired; can you imagine the "closeted teachers gettin' it on in the supply closet" gag playing with comedy audiences now?

Maria Thayer was great as Tammi Littlenut. Took me a minute to place her, because she's so young in this, but Thayer was fantastic in Review.
posted by duffell at 1:56 AM on September 1, 2016

This show definitely made me an instant fan of Maria Thayer. Speaking of whom, the scene with her and Sedaris in the cafeteria is one of my favorites from the show, because it makes perfect sense in the context of Jerri's background; Jerri is acting out how her pimp(s) treated her, and she completely commits to it.
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This was my favorite for a loooong time. The jokes in the cafeteria are on point.
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I've often wondered about the opening scene. Are Noblet and Jellineck connecting for the first time in that bathroom, or just roleplaying. I feel like I always assumed it was roleplay with all the talk of boys on the field and murdered wives but on most recent watch a month or so ago it felt more real. Too much.

The hotel room dance sequence over the credits was always one of my faves.
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can you imagine the "closeted teachers gettin' it on in the supply closet" gag playing with comedy audiences now?

Not to mention, "that's not Blackman, that's a Chink with some Spic food I ordered..."

This show wasn't mainstream at all, though!

I had thought Noblet/Jellineck was already a thing before the series started, but this appears to be their introduction. Jellineck says, "I'm the new art teacher."
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