You're the Worst: Fix Me, Dummy
September 8, 2016 7:57 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Gretchen stalks a therapist and sorts the mail. Jimmy defends his writing. Edgar sees signs. Lindsay nurses Paul. Paul plays DVD-Frisbee.

Samira Wiley joins the cast as Gretchen's therapist. Yay! I have to say, though, I'm not a fan of Jimmy being in therapy with Gretchen, and I hope there are more one-on-one scenes.
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It's funny how the show continues the tv tradition of a therapists office being this spacious, tastefully-decorated, sunlit office. My reality has been they are mostly small, functional, marginally decorated, often dark, rooms, in a small office somewhere.
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I'm going to watch it again but I didn't like this episode very much. I know it's in character for Gretchen but I'm so tired of the "Therapists are mean poopy heads! I hate that I hafta go, this is so dumb! I think for MYSELF!!! Ok, I'll open up."

It's like every police procedural where the cop shoots someone and then has to go to the counselor. "I don't need a shrink, I'm alright Sarge."
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hmm reading the AV Club comments it seems like there's quite a bit of agreement with my dislike of this episode.
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Yeah, for a show that's been so good about mental health, this one was kind of startlingly meh.
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I'm willing to view it as more of a connector between the opener and the rest of the season, setting up the storylines for the season, and introducing a new character.
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I hope so but agree with the AV Club and Sepinwall site comments that the characters were a bit too mean last night, especially Lindsay. I'm all for a dark storyline but the Lindsay/Paul story in particular didn't seem to have much fun in it.
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I wasn't sold on the whole therapy bit either. While "I don't need a shrink, I'm alright Sarge." may be overused, I think it comes from a real place. And given how this seems to be the first time Gretchen has sought help it isn't totally surprising that it doesn't go great. Having said that, I thought that Gretchen's reactions were over the top and that the therapist's reveal of her issues with her boyfriend were really weird. I can imagine a fancy therapist with a fancy office, but find it harder to imagine one blabbing about personal problems to patients.
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