Steven Universe: Last One Out of Beach City
September 8, 2016 5:18 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Pearl shows a new side of herself as she goes to a house show with Amethyst and Steven.
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It's very interesting, seeing this rebellious side of Pearl. Naturally, a long time ago she was the one Pearl who said no, I'm not going to be someone's living jewelry. She took up a sword and put fear in every upstanding gem. This is pretty far removed from the fussy maternal gem we see now.

Also like the minor logistics of being an immortal alien construct. "How can you be nostalgic for suburbs? They're only 70 years old." Yes and nostalgia itself is really maybe only twice as old as that.
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This is... Yep, this is my new favorite episode of Steven Universe. Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst were all wonderful in this episode, and I really hope Mystery Woman comes back in a later episode.
There were some great comedy bits in this episode (Pearl struggling to open the can of juice was my personal favorite) and the entire thing just felt so real. We got to see a side of Pearl here we don't often see, which was great.
Also the entire thing was really gay and I'm melting it was so good oh my god
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I think this is the best episode yet. There are funnier episodes, deeper ones and cuter ones but this one has everything that makes this series great. Peak SU.

Bad Pearl was amazing (and it's finally canon after years as fanart fodder including one by Lauren Zuke). I love that she's trying really hard to move on (even if Mystery Girl looks a bit like Rose, I'm hoping huge pink haired ladies are her type instead of the more depressing alternative).

Also, so many good quotes!
- "I think I'll try drinking tonight."
- Ocean Town. No longer in Fire
- "It's the more scared I've been since you almost let me die!"
- "You can start smaller! Talk to a nerd!"

Ooh, and the credits. THE CREDITS. Perfect episode.
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I love everything about it. I was thinking of going as Smoky Quartz for Halloween, but now I might have to go as Mystery Girl.
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I pretty much want screenshots of every shot of Mystery Girl.
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I'mnot one for shipping generally, but I really want Pearl and Mystery Girl to have a successful relationship. Here are my reasons:

1) Being in a relationship with a human could help Pearl better understand Rose?
2) Pearl could actually get the mutual affection she always craved from Rose.
3) Mystery Girl looks like she could kick some serious ass and kickass humans are always welcome in Steven Universe.
4) This would be the gayest relationship yet. Keep Beach City Gay!
5) "You remind me of my dead lover" seems like maybe a bad basis for a relationship but not really? If I became a widower and wanted to remarry I'd certainly look for someone like my wife.
6) This seems to be a continuation of Mr. Greg, I guess Pearl really has decided to move on.

The only thing that would make me happier is Greg meeting someone.
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"what was I supposed to tell the DMV, that I'm from another planet?"

"I told her 'my appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light'
and she said 'I know how that is'
although i highly doubt it"
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We also know that a. there is a Greg/Vidalia/Barb card game and b. Greg knows better than to mess with Barb.
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The citizenship/nationality status of the Crystal Gems is an issue probably best explored through fanfic, because it hasn't really mattered until now. Assuming that SU!USA has similar citizenship laws to the real USA, Steven is a citizen because he was born there (and/or for more complicated reasons depending on if Greg and Rose were married if he was born abroad). The other Crystal Gems are the remnants of an independent nation that predated the SU!USA, so their relationship with the government probably properly most resembles that of Native Americans, but they might really be more like the Vatican or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, but without a settled foundation in international law. If it were settled, Pearl would know how to get a driver's license.

Another bonus of settling their status? If they were hard up for cash, they could probably contract with a mint or stamp printer and sell collectible coins and stamps.
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Reddit's calling Mystery Girl "Punk Diamond" and I LOVE IT

Also made me miss the one time I had the purple version of Punk Diamond's hair.
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It'd be really interesting if Mystery Girl became a regular, and we could get another take on what has so far been primarily Connie's character arc, that is, of the ordinary human becoming aware of and involved in alien strangeness. I get the feeling MG/PD wouldn't take any crap from Jasper!

In any case, it's nice that Pearl is finally beginning to heal after Rose's "departure." Many works of fiction that depict long-lived beings like the Crystal Gems would have such a character who had lost a lover after being together for thousands of years never move on, and have her pining away through the ages as a demonstration of how true and pure their love was. I'm glad Steven Universe isn't going that route -- gems are functionally immortal, but they're a lot more realistic than that, and an eternity of pining might seem pretty in a passionate, Romantic sense, but it presents many practical problems to one who really can exist for thousands of years.
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Oh, just in case you guys didn't know (I didn't!) Mike Krol is an actual musician guest starring in the episode!
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On rewatching, the girl's helmet! It appears to have something like an Aquabats logo on it!
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Everyone loves this episode and that is good and that is right.
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Of course Pearl is a total badass. The Original Badass. Even her being fussy and tidy is a manifestation of her badassitude, given she's basically a warrior. She'll kick your ass, and be total soft femme and delicate about it the whole time. No one is surprised when a big warm slab of rock like Jasper hands you your arse. When a frill like Pearl does it, though? Total hard core.

I'm so pleased we got another look at someone opening up the Dondai. Ronaldo is always right, in the end, isn't he?
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Ronaldo is always right, in the end, isn't he?

He's the Agnes Nutter of Beach City. I'm just waiting for the Sneeple at this point.

Do you know what didn't happen in this episode? Pearl crying! She got mad and exasperated with herself, but she did not cry (or sing, but I like when she sings). She is done with being Eternally Sad Tragic Pearl.

Of course Pearl is a total badass. The Original Badass.

"I've been a criminal for 6,000 years!"
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That was just the sweetest cutest REALEST thing I've ever seen.
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From the moment Bad Pearl popped her collar while explaining how that made her cool I loved this episode. The moment when Steven said what he thought everyone was thinking, but Amethyst hadn't yet put two and two together was great too.

Slightly wary of Punk Diamond being a twist/trap rather than a new human character, but I have faith.
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Omg Pearl trying to get out of those skinny jeans.
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Lovely- Toriyama meets FLCL. The episode could have easily ended with this song. But as it is, it's still perfect.
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janepanic: skinny mum jeans, no less. MUM JEANS PEARL. This is why she only succeeded in her own clothing. She could only connect once she took the costume off, without trying to be anything but herself.

Dunno if you're getting this, but Pearl is my fave.
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"Earthlings" is still my favorite episode, but this one makes me really happy. :D
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This episode was so great. I've been using it as my new go-to first episode to bring the uninnitiated into the fold. So gay. So cute. Just so *good*. I fucking love SU.
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Hey y'all, guess who I'm gonna be for Halloween.
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Rebel Pearl, rebel Pearl
Rebel Pearl you are the queen of my world
Rebel Pearl, rebel Pearl
I think I wanna take you home
I wanna try on your clothes

When she talks, I hear the revolution
In her hips, there's revolution
When she walks, the revolution's coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution

Rebel Pearl, rebel Pearl
Rebel Pearl you are the queen of my world
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