The Sandbaggers: Operation Kingmaker
September 10, 2016 1:01 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

C tenders his resignation. Who will replace him? And who does Burnside want? And there's another resignation to follow...
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I watched the whole series when it was originally being posted here and, given the way it ends, there is no way in hell I'm watching it again.
It's a brilliant show but it pulls no punches at all and builds to a harrowing climax.
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We're back? Okay, it will be a couple days until I can get to this.
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Such a brilliant episode and no one was killed for once. I could not remember who replaced C so I was in suspense through the whole thing. Who knew that Malta and Libya had such a closer relationship? Finding a replacement for Diane ("No one wants to work for you"), Burnside trying to coach Peele in the taxi ride to lunch with Wellingham ("I like Malta. Margaret and I had our honeymoon there...Never been to Libya. Don't suppose I've missed much.") but Wellingham is a few steps ahead of Burnside. Neil is bloody but unbowed at the end.
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I loved seeing Wellingham outmaneuver Burnside, and Burnside humbled.
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This was a great episode with plenty of eye-rolling from Burnside, extremely rude barbs thrown, and a few good laughs. Enjoyed the twist at the end. I am sad Diane is leaving.
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