The Great British Bake Off: Batter
September 14, 2016 7:09 PM - Season 7, Episode 4 - Subscribe

It's week four of The Great British Bake Off, just nine bakers remains, and - for the very first time - it is Batter Week.

Mary and Paul have set three challenges to test the bakers on some store cupboard classics. To start things off there is a British favourite. It may sound simple, but the judges are looking for perfection - a uniform bake across the batch and a tasty savoury filling. The bakers really have to rise to the occasion in this signature challenge.

The technical challenge requires a steady hand to master its intricacies, and there's no room for error.

And finally there is a show-stopper where the ovens are off and the fryers are out, as the bakers are challenged to do their version of a Spanish classic.

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I really enjoyed batter! I like that they keep adding new types facets of baking. Oh man I'm sad about the changes coming next season.

It was so odd to see almost everyone do poorly on the show stopper challenge but that seemed to help middle-of-the-road performers.

Can't wait for pastry week!
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That was great, but I really want to know why half of the yorkshire puddings ended up flat. Tom's had the chickpea flour, but what was the problem with all the others?

Loved Selasi flipping his pancake in the pan, like a boss.

Pity to see Kate go, but I loved seeing Benjamina rock. And I'm a bit surprised that Val has managed to stick it out this far; she seems perpetually out of her depth.
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Tom's Harry Potter look got even more HP-ish with all the angst in the signature.
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Psst... Hey Paul... One churro, two churros, no churross.
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Everyone was saying churros when referring to one churro. I assumed it was an English thing.

I mean, Mary Berry did it as did Mel, Sue, and the contestants.
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Nope, as an English person I noticed it and was vaguely annoyed by it (but not sure enough of my Spanish to know if they were wrong or I was).
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Yeah, that was annoying. Churros are not well known in the UK (but not unknown) so I don't think there's likely to be a weird English pronunciation. Except of course that most English people will have seen this episode and will be referring to individual churros as churros
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I feel like baking wise Benjaminna and Jane are quietly pulling ahead of the rest of the pack. Neither has done something crazy memorable, but they're both had some technically perect bakes and have been fairly solid throughout.
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BENJAMINA! I was so happy for her this week, as she seemed to really find her stride. I also had so many feeling about my small ginger son Andrew. Keep being excellent, kids!

Poor Tom, though. The curse of the Star Baker continues!
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I've never wanted to eat anything on Bake-Off so much as I want Benjamina's coconut churros with passion fruit sauce.

I thought Val's relief that she will be allowed back into Yorkshire was very adorable.
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I've been attempting the technical challenges* but this week's wasn't really a technical challenge - how hard is it to make pancake batter? - but an artistic one. I will still have a go, because who in their right mind passes up the opportunity to make pancakes, but I feel oddly cheated somehow.

* Jaffa cakes: needed two attempts. Viennese whorls: worked mostly OK. Dampfnudel: given how difficult this was meant to be, came out absolutely fine!
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There's a malaysian bread called Roti Jala (Net bread) which is essentially a lace pancake.
You make it with a special tool (or a tin with holes poked in) and it takes a particular flick of the wrist to get the flow just right.

You should all make them, they're delicious and so far, depsite trying seemingly unavailable in London, andmy Roti Jala tool is in a box in my parents garage. :(
The lace pancakes section really made me want Roti Jala again.
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I thought there would be a bit more push back against Selasi's shape choice for the churros - bowls don't scream churro to me at all.

This batter challenge was an excellent addition.

I cannot for the life of me imagine Bake Off without Mel and Sue...
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Loved the batter challenge, was surprised by how many of them struggled, and I love selasi's chill attitude, but he's an awful cook, just awful. I can't believe he's still in the comp at this stage, and it is a bit of an indictment of the field.
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Selasi got the Hollywood handshake, so he's doing pretty well.
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Oh re flat puds, almost always caused by oil/trays not hot enough when you put the batter in.
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I'm just gutted by the loss of GBBO to Channel Four and the loss of Mel and Sue. It's almost hard to watch the episodes now.
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I have eaten Yorkshire puddings on only one occasion so it was fascinating to see how they are made.
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