Strangers with Candy: Let Freedom Ring   Rewatch 
September 18, 2016 8:47 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

An investigation begins after an ethnic slur is spray-painted on the wall at Flatpoint High. Jerri rings the Liberty Bell.
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Several choice moments in this episode:

"What happened with Martin Luther King?" [pauses] "I'm not sure."

Principal Blackman listing off classifications of human stool off-the-cuff was perfect. "Would you say it was firm? Would you say it was aggressive or presumptuous? Would you call it moody?"

Tim Meadows' advice on how to deal with anger. Ha, amazing.

Jerri's sex-talk in this episode (in the cafeteria with Paul Cotton) is the best-worst *yet*.
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I've greatly enjoyed the cast album of Hamilton, but whenever I try to imagine a live show, I can't help but picture this.
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Two fun details about this episode:

Percy Kittens would go on to be a recurring character as a fake guest on The Colbert Report. I may be wrong, but I think he's been on Colbert's Late Show, too.

The scene where Blackman and Kittens have that long, long pause before Blackman finally says, "I recognize it," was actually a flub when Greg Hollimon couldn't remember his line. The show's creators liked the scene that way, and left it. (I've always thought Hollimon was insanely underrated on this show. He was just the best, and it's too bad we haven't seen more of him since.)
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