You're the Worst: Men Get Strong
September 22, 2016 5:27 AM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gretchen helps Jimmy process a tragedy (again.) Lindsay is a scary/creepy good mom. And, Sneezy Panda died in a plane crash.
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I absolutely hope there's an episode while on the "Famous Pets of Instagram" cruise in our future.
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And, 5 minutes? Really? C'mon, Jimmy...
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Personally, I think the show is getting lost in the extended cast. They're losing the more serious undertone of Gretchen's depression, which is what made the first two seasons on-edge. I'm really hoping this can be chalked-up to some network droids insisting they ramp-up the nutty humor and tone down the bummer depressions stuff, and not that the creators have lost their focus.
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I agree that the Wacky Antics (especially with Vernon this week) are getting to be a bit much for me, and Samira Wiley is being criminally underutilized. I also wish we got to see more of what's going on with Edgar in this episode.

Lindsay: You can't have a family with just two people!
Paul: (softly) Gilmore Girls...
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To me it currently feels like they moved from the season 2 arc "depression" onto a possible season 3 arc "grief". Which may be become interesting in its own right (even with Jimmy at the center of things) but I absolutely agree that this season's portrayal of depression has become a bit too jokey.

But who knows. I have faith in the creators and think it may get potentially darker towards the later episodes.

(Or is it just me who thought this episode hinted towards Edgar being at the beginning of a drinking problem?...)
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They're hitting the wacky notes hard, but especially with Edgar they're hinting that, like last season, they're setting things up for some more serious stuff and character development. Even with Lindsay, they're going somewhere. (With her, there's the obvious direction, but I think they're going to swerve.)
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Yeah, Edgar's heading toward a serious disaster, I'm afraid. But, Lindsay...holy crap. I just don't know what to think.
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