The Sandbaggers: Sometimes We Play Dirty Too
September 25, 2016 7:42 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A Briton in Prague has died in a 2 am car wreck after leaving a party at midnight. He was also an excellent intelligence source. The crash scene was only five miles from the party. Where was he for the two hours?
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In which Burnside plays Hercule Poirot. Lots of misdirection with the wife; that was a great scene where she threw Burnside for a loop. My favorite bit was Mrs. Waverly-Smith staring down Sandbagger 2.

With the question about the body, wouldn't the British have his fingerprints on record? from military service or his work with the JIB or whatever it was.
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What an extraordinary episode. The writing is so subtle. It's really unclear what's going on at all for the first half, and then the most dismal and tawdry story unfolds. I love the wife's matter of fact acceptance of her husband's mistress. And then later the reveal that she knows he's going to betray everyone including her and she's just trying to see it out. And Banks, he's so craven. Not at all the heroic source for intelligence we would expect. Loved his secretary too, and the flirtation with Sandbagger one. Really just remarkable writing, much smarter than most TV.

Bonus appreciation, the shots of Burnside in his office with the lights out. I think that's a new set, or at least new lighting.
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