You're the Worst: Twenty-Two
September 29, 2016 8:52 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Edgar spends the day trying to find some relief for his PTSD.

I must sheepishly admit that I fell asleep and missed the first half of this episode. I woke up in time to watch most of Edgar's melt-down. It looked like I missed a great episode. I'll catch the replay, asap.

At least that's what the ad said
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Hey! YtW has been picked-up for a fourth season! Woot!
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This was great. Desmin Borges really shines in this one.
Plus, I've got Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf's 'Tell you something' stuck in my ear now.
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The Fresh Air interview was 'meh.' It wasn't even Terry. Some underling. Didn't even get into the real deep underpinnings of the show. Am disappoint.
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Oh, this is brutal. I thought last week's episode was very cartoonish but now I see it's meant to be in contrast to this one.
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Absolutely destroyed me.
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I watched the ep last night and, holy crap, what a powerful show. I watched it via the FX app, and there was a little behind-the-scenes featurette following, pointing out that they are telling stories from the point of view of the different characters. The opening breakfast scene, for instance, was shot from Edgar's viewpoint, but it's also the same scene from last week shot from another viewpoint. Kind of clever.

If I had any quibble with this episode, it's the portrayal of the VA person. Now, she might simply be an administrator (it wasn't clear) but, I have a nephew who is a psychologist in the VA system, and I can assure you, he isn't the cavalier or condescending ass this woman was. Then again, since this was all from Edgar's viewpoint, maybe even Mother Teresa would have been an asshole.
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Oh, and, "Dayum Playah!"

Comedy gold, right there.
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Plus, I've got Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf's 'Tell you something' stuck in my ear now.

This show does have a subtly great soundtrack, to be sure. Given that Stephen Falk was part of the creative team that gave us OitNB and Weeds, that doesn't surprise me.
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This episode HURT. It hurt so much.

It was also jarring to see our leads from another person's perspective. I mean, they always seem like total fucking assholes, but likable, relatable assholes. Seeing them... inflict themselves on Edgar the way they do... they were insufferable pieces of crap.
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Oh God, poor Edgar. I really thought he was going across the freeway. And then when he was standing up through the sunroof on the car, I was completely fooled and felt my heart rate increase again.
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This episode was so dark. If it was watched in isolation you wouldn't know it was a comedy. The banter seen through this prism really casts Jimmy and Gretchen in a bad light. I thought the silent movie was off, "Shoulda let me get at dem titties", really?
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