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MIA POW Sargent Nicholas Brody is home after eight years as a captive of Al Qaeda. However CIA agent Carrie Mathison has unverified intel that an American has been turned to Al Qaeda's side and she suspects it is Brody.

Brody has two kids. Daughter Dana barely remembers him and son Chris doesn't remember him at all. His wife Jessica, obviously presuming Nicholas was KIA, has been in a romantic relationship with Nicholas' friend Mike Faber.

Agent Mathison goes rogue and sets up surveillance on Brody when her superior, Saul Berenson, refuses to do it officially. She eventually discovers indications that convince Berenson that Brody may indeed be an Al Queda agent.

The episode closes with a flashback revealing that Brody was the one to have beaten to death the other American captured with him, his sniper partner Corporal Thomas Wilson, in the presence of terrorist Abu Nazir.
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In case anyone (like me) wants to join in, seasons 1-4 are available on Hulu.
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And Netflix (Canada anyways).
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So, this was pretty good. I was in grad school when it started and haven't had an excuse to catch up (plus don't feel like paying for Showtime).

Seems like the first episode laid out the major beats (as ably covered in the writeup), with the exception of Mathison not just going rogue, but being visibly broken, presumably by something we'll find out about eventually.

I'll keep watching. Thanks for starting this.
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