Archer: El Secuestro
October 6, 2016 10:32 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

When Pam gets kidnapped Cheryl/Carol is late for work. Archer meets Babou. One of the team has a surprising past.

A great Pam episode, who is revealed to have part of Lord Byron’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib” tattoo'd on her back, but the whole team (minus Krieger) gets some good screen time.

Once again Pam is revealed to have an amazing capacity for alcohol:
Pam: I thought he meant I was fuel efficient. Only had 10 beers.
Cheryl: 40's?
Pam: No. Yes.

"It's like Meow-schwitz in there."

"The IRS? Jesus. How many Irish gangs are there?"

Archer: We look totally gay.
Ray: I am gay.
A: While I'm not.
R: Then why are you wearing that turtleneck?
*Archer points his a small pistol at Ray*
R: You better put that back in your purse.
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Ah, Babou.
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Archer's off-screen reactions to Babou may be my very favorite of the many, many ridiculous things that H. Jon Benjamin has been given to perform through the years. I am still prone to annoying my family by yelling out "LOOK AT HIS LITTLE TUFTED EARS!!" from time to time.
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Something something crepuscular?

Best tiny moment is when it's revealed that Cheryl's last name is Tunt, Archer says, "Tum again?" and instead of engaging, everyone just waits despondently for that awkward moment to pass.
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Ranging far ahead here, it never is/was revealed who wanted to kidnap Cheryl... right? (I kinda checked out with Archer Vice)
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I don;t think so, though of course the show is still being made. Just a group that had heard she'd come into her inheritance and wanted some money. They all died so no follow up.

And obviously not the brightest tools in the drawer having set up a street abduction but then getting the person.
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"You better just fuckin' kill me" is my favorite Pam line up to that point and prob the moment when Pam goes from just being the put-upon HR lady to the Pam we eventually see in "Edie's Wedding."
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