The Adventure Zone: Ep. 50. Lunar Interlude IV: The Calm Before The Storm
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Our heroes have some well-earned free time between missions, although some of their sidequests are a bit more relaxing than others. Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas. Taako has a date with death. Merle spends time with some VIPs. Magnus takes a swim.
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That was a lot of fun, especially Taako's deal at the end.
I didn't see it coming until he read the persuasion section of the book. It was some excellent rules lawyering.
Especially topped off with the classic Taako move of not using (or letting anyone else use the sword)
Also delightful to have taako flirting with death like that.

Interesting to see that Travis doesn't trust the director.
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Merle's scene was pretty meh to me, but the other two were aaaaaamazing. I am so into Taakravitz, Magnus's entire everything (I GASPED when he asked if he should trust the Director), and most of all, Taako's incredible maneuver at the end, which in combination with that jewel heist thing he did in the last arc makes me think Justin is legitimately a genius at D&D.
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Hearing Travis kinda choke his way through his realization that Taako was only into the sword as a stylistic thing was golden.

Taako flirting with death was awesome, and interesting developments on the Voidfish front.
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Yeah, the sword thing may have easily been one of the funniest things in the history of this podcast
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Griffin's moment of realization may be one of the most satisfying moments in the show. You can hear his panic when he twigs to what Taako is up to.
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I listened to that bit twice because I had zoned out before the big play was made, and I THINK that right after Griffin describes the slicer item's powers, you can hear a tiiiiny little gasp in the background as Justin realizes what he can do.
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Griffin and I shouted "oh my GOD" at the exact same time as we realized what was happening.
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So tha sword was suggested by a little boy. Here he is hearing Justin get the sword.
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I want to pile on the love for Taako's magic hack and Griffin's panic spiral. So clever.

Justin is really good at slowly unfurling plans without letting anyone else on to what he's doing, like when he used the diamonds in the bank vault to fuel his spell or when he had everyone turn their backs when on the Rockport Limited.
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