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October 8, 2016 8:24 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Current: A terrorist group attack and block off a section of Manhattan during the G20 Summit. Past: Alex and Ryan are recruited by the CIA and begin their espionage training at The Farm. We meet a bunch of new classmates.


I was super hesitant about the premiere. The first season's pay-off was not disappointing, but the show as a whole could've been tighter with less fluff that instead of adding to the intrigue felt like just unnecessary distractions. And it could stand to be less melodramatic, but I think that's just my taste.

So the premiere managed to keep the show on my DVR schedule. I must say that the new classmates and their role in the current time storyline got me wanting more.

I'm sad that Simon is dead, but I'm looking forward to more screen time for the twins!
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