Insecure: Insecure as F**k
October 10, 2016 4:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Two black women who are best friends navigate the pitfalls of their personal and professional life in south Los Angeles. (HBO series by Issa Rae, creator of "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" web-series)
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I think I watched an episode of the original web series and had it on my "I should go finish that sometime" radar, but never got around to it. I thought this was a good pilot, definitely going to keep watching.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:51 AM on October 11, 2016

I really wanted to like this, but the emphasis on secondhand embarrassment for humor doesn't work for me anymore. I checked out during the broken pussy rap.

I did like awkward black girl (which also had the secondhand embarrassment thing going on, but it didn't seem as overt maybe?), so I might give it another try.
posted by dinty_moore at 1:14 PM on October 12, 2016

I loved this. The acting and humor was on point, as were the more serious bits examining the options black women often feel they're left with. That "lipstick in the mirror" montage was fucking amazing.

dinty_moore, FWIW, the rap started out looking like it was going to be cringe-humor a la Curb Your Enthusiasm, but overturned those expectations after a moment.
posted by duffell at 7:00 PM on October 18, 2016

Yeah, I'm not a fan of cringe-humor, but, I didn't really get that uncomfortable feeling from this episode. In the rap scene, I thought Issa was just regular-level stage-fright nervous at the start, and Molly was more angry than embarrassed. And for the workplace scenes, her co-workers don't seem to have enough self-awareness to be embarrassed.

(haven't had a chance to watch this weekend's episode yet, I'm behind on everything because I watched the 'Broadway for Hillary' special yesterday, and with the debate tomorrow and Rocky Horror Thursday, no idea when I'll get to it. if anyone else wants to post an episode 2 thread, feel free)
posted by oh yeah! at 7:45 PM on October 18, 2016

I watched this last night, then watched the second episode, then went out and found Awkward Black Girl and watched it even though it was an hour past my bedtime. They're all so good.

In a lot of ways, this reminds me of the best episodes of Fresh Off the Boat -- themes that almost anyone can relate to, like professional struggles and relationship struggles and friendship issues, carried out well and with feeling, but done from a very specific, genuinely felt cultural perspective and better for it.

The legal-ese was a little off, though, and I'll have to check with friends about whether, in LA, anyone but first years share an office.
posted by joyceanmachine at 6:51 AM on October 19, 2016

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