Timeless: Atomic City
October 18, 2016 6:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The trio go on the run with an infamous mistress when they land in 1962 Las Vegas. Also, Rufus finds Anthony, and Wyatt tries to alter his own history.
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I'm not so sure this show is going to last, but if it does it's going to need to probably bring a sexy-ish female from the past into the present and introduce her as part of the crew. You know, go full Seven Of Nine. Because it's really hard in the past three episodes to really care anything about anyone currently in the show.
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So the only thing you care about is blatantly sexy females? What are you, a Trump?

Actually I was impressed with this episode mainly because it steered away from the Big Ticket historical events I complained about on the last thread. It also added some additional ambiguity with regard to character motivation (Matt Frewer's character) and allowed Lucy to develop enough to support (through non-intervention) Wyatt's attempt to save his wife.

The one area I though it fell down was with Lucy's reaction to her new fiancee. I though after that speech by JFK's mistress Lucy would be tempted to seize the opportunity to learn about her new life in the new timeline--at least enough to know whether it is something worth pursuing assuming they can't fix history.

I'll admit this show is slowly making me a regular viewer. I had pretty much dismissed it before watching the first episode, but I'm glad I took a chance on it. It's not genius TV, and it's not making aspirations to being Grand Drama but it's enjoyable enough fluff with enough substance to keep it interesting.
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It's got the trappings of a show I should be really into without actually being a show I'm really into, if that makes sense. The breakneck pace of every episode doesn't leave a lot of time for those character moments that make or break a show for me.
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>So the only thing you care about is blatantly sexy females? What are you, a Trump?

No and no.
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I've watched the first episode and start of the second.
Since it's established that things are changing, and there is proof in the form of her locket with pic of her sister, has anyone done the obvious?
That is, in the time machine include a laptop and a petabyte of RAID drive with wikipedia, social security info, USPTO database etc. And complete engineering specs for the time machine and computers. Then the first thing after a trip is doing a comparison.
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Of course not. That would be too smart for this show, but maybe they'll surprise us and get to that eventually.
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I too think this episode was an improvement on the first two. This was a more subtle way to put someone up who was at a focal point in history, but who not all of us know about and who was basically an ordinary person who found herself in extraordinary circumstances. That would be an interesting story even without the time travel, and unlike the Hindenberg and Lincoln's assassination most of us didn't go into the show knowing how it was supposed to end.
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I'm enjoying this series probably more than I should.

I hope they continue to follow minor/obscure historical characters, the footnotes of history. That's a million times more interesting than having them endlessly bumping into George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt etc.
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I found it kind of quaint that she would go through photo albums to try to work out the history with the stranger/fiancé. Is the show based in 1982? I think if I found myself in an alternate timeline and had to work out my own immediate recent history, I would sign in to Facebook and read my feed. (Although now that I think of it, this assumes that I land in a timeline where the me of that reality used the same password.)
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And also, for Torontonians the repeated mentions of "Christie Pitt" are slightly distracting.
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I just watched the first three episodes tonight. It's got potential. I'm hoping they find interesting lesser-known historical figures like with this episode. And props for not ignoring issues of race.

They're obviously setting up a few later plot points, and I'm expecting some typical twists. (Oh no! We have to not run into ourselves this once! Etc). On the other hand. Partway through the first episode I was already prepared to be bored by the impending will-they/won't-they between our history chick and the manpain-afflicted stoic white guy.

My initial hunch was that the Elon Musk equivalent was also from the future, and probably also the pilot/hacker guy, but now I'm not so sure.
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