Ash vs Evil Dead: DUI
October 23, 2016 6:50 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Ash's hunt for the Delta leads to the Smash 'Em Up Derby; Ruby and Kelly head back to the crematorium to kill Ruby's spawn; Pablo has another disturbing vision and a conversation with the Necronomicon.

AV Club recap - Ash Vs. Evil Dead drives a little too fast Beyond Thunderdome


Ash: Okay, I'll give you the abridged version. There's an evil book. It possessed my car, then it killed my dad. There's little demons who want the book. I can't let them get that book, because if they do, they'll use the book to summon a bigger demon. That's the whole story.
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Hard to believe that Pablo would trust the Book not to be pulling a double-cross. Loved every moment of the Chet/Ash show though.
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This was fun.

* Chet was great. "'Til the wheel fall off!" is going to become a catchphrase here. I am going to make that happen. This show is the first time I've enjoyed Ted Raimi being funny, but he's so good here that I wish he was a recurring guest or even a member of the crew. (I hated Joxer. So much.)

* The action sequences in this show continue to be wonderful. I loved the car chase, the fight in the tunnels, and the final confrontation between Ash and his car. Every time I think this show can't get more fun, it does something like that. (The 'use the Force' style speech from Lee Majors was maybe a bit much, but really, I can't blame them for going there for Ash yelling 'I'm hard, Daddy!' We all knew what kind of show this was gonna be. Haha.)

* About Pablo and the book, I feel like it was just desperation and stress. He's been tortured by the Necronomicon itself pretty badly and pretty recently. I can believe he'd make a mistake like that in the heat of the moment. I do think having them deliberate over the trunk was a mistake though - this was a decision he should've rushed, not talked over. I think they wanted to drive home how dumb Ash is there though, and how much Pablo tragically looks to him for leadership.

* Kelly really is the successor to Ash, and I love it. I hope they do a spinoff with her as the lead at some point after this show's run its course.

* Ba'al's going to be trouble. I knew he was getting loose as soon as Ruby started talking about him in detail, and... yeah. I bet this is very bad, and I'm looking forward to it.
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