Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle
October 24, 2016 11:46 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

While investigating an old Separatist base from the Clone Wars, the rebels encounter a small army of still active battle droids under the command of a super tactical droid, who refuses to accept the shut down order issued to the Separatist armies at the end of the war. For the droid commander, the war can only end one way to the detriment of our heroes. "Roger, Roger!"

The Trivia gallery is still not up, so I'll update that information when it becomes available in a comment.
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This was...cute? I hope we'll see that tactical droid again, he's a good character.
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Who's Roger?
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Here's trivia! The super tactical droid, Kalani, was the same one from the Onderon arc in The Clone Wars. I only know this because I recently re-watched those episodes after learning that Forrest Whitaker's character in Rogue One is the same Saw Gerrera from Onderon.
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Good trivia, The Nutmeg of Consolation! (apt name, too).

Here's the trivia from the episode gallery to compliment it!
  • The planet Agamar was first referenced in 1993 as a setting in The Farlander Papers, a pack-in novella found in the Star Wars: X-Wing sim. Though mentioned in The Clone Wars, this was its first on screen depiction.
  • One of the longest held desires of the Lucasfilm Animation team was to update the droids in their shows to more accurately reflect the droids in the prequel trilogies. They never had a chance to do so on The Clone Wars, but finally did for this episode.
  • As The Nutmeg of Consolation pointed out, Kalani appeared in Season Five of The Clone Wars, additionally, he was voiced by the same voice over actor, Gregg Berger, who also voiced Odie from Garfield, Cornfed from Duckman, Spirit from G.I. J.O.E., and Grimlock from The Transformers.
  • The scene of marching battle droids used a theme composed by Kevin Kiner for the very first season of The Clone Wars.
  • In the original outline of the episode, Ezra was intended to befriend battle droid B1-268 (the writer's birthday) and nickname him "Clanky." The idea was scrapped early in the production, in part because it was felt the crew of the Ghost was large enough.
  • The title card at the end of the episode was redesigned to resemble the opening title card of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and likewise, the end theme music for this episode was from that series.
Unofficial fact: Chopper would have arranged an "accident" for Clanky in a heart beat. He wouldn't stand any competition!
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As a confession, I had to watch this episode twice to really appreciate it as more than just a simple homage to The Clone Wars. Looking at it a bit deeper, I felt it really represented an anti-war argument with regard to the Clone Wars, and at the same time, also argued that there can be just wars, with regard to the present rebellion against the Empire.

Also of particular point, I think it may be the first canonical reference to Palpatine's ploy of creating the Clone Wars to enable his rise to power, granted, it's the Empire referenced, not the Emperor specifically. I think it's fair to say the Emperor is the Empire in this regard.

Captain Rex with PTSD, handled well enough, I thought.
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