Criminal: Episode 53: Melinda and Judy
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When Melinda Dawson was seven years old, she learned that she was adopted under mysterious circumstances. As she got older and had children of her own, she tried to learn something about her biological parents. And when she went to the county courthouse and asked to see a copy of her birth certificate, she discovered that she was an unwitting participant in something much bigger and more complicated than she could have imagined. 
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The last three episodes of Criminal have been AMAZING and after finishing this one I just had to create some posts for discussion. I can't believe I've never heard of this store (about the Hicks clinic) before. Waiting until the second half of this story will be difficult.
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Yeah, agreed that the recent episodes of Criminal have been great. But this did not go where I was expecting it to go. I did not expect another crime on top of the Hicks clinic!
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when it finished as 'aaaaand stay tuned next week!' I gasped. AGHGHSDGL I CAN'T WAIT!
happy to see you've added the FanFare!

this podcast kinda keeps outdoing itself. it's consistently interesting, even with "lighter" stories from time to time, so just as it lulls me into that sweet listening spot, it, like, nonchalantly clotheslines me and I don't realize till the credits start.
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Criminal has been really great. Few if any lowlight episodes and always happy to find it in my feed.
I discovered in shortly after Serial S1 and am enjoying it so much more than I did Serial S2.
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I was also surprised that there was a cliffhanger! Such a great episode. Consistently great podcast.
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This fanfare post succeeded in turning me on to this show!
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I gasped when the "when I heard she was murdered, that was the first thing I thought." landed. Whoa.
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I gasped when the "when I heard she was murdered, that was the first thing I thought." landed. Whoa.

Man, me too. I was really into the clinic as a crime story but the structure and this turn made my blood run cold.
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Thanks for this post--I wouldn't have known about the episode otherwise. I don't listen to this podcast regularly though I've heard it's good. Seconding everyone else saying I didn't expect it to go where it went and that I can't wait for part 2!
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I was expecting this to go somewhere very different and holy shit I cannot believe I have another week to hear part two.

(I'm super excited to hear what the new Radiotopia podcast will be, all four of the finalists sound really interesting.)
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