Manhattan: Last Reasoning of Kings   First Watch 
October 24, 2016 11:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Fathead goes over the top. Back in 1943, Frank Winter has trouble sleeping, and learns that psychoactive meds require a full workup. Paul shows off his classical education, and degree from Oxford. Rat analogies abound. Charlie Isaacs meets J. Robert Oppenheimer (Daniel London), and a new assignment. God (Christian Clemenson) comes to visit. Frank goes for a walk.

What Manhattan Gets Right, and Wrong, About Los Alamos

Recaps from The Atomic Heritage Foundation
“Manhattan” has now portrayed two real scientists in the show: Bohr and Oppenheimer. The actor who played Bohr, although he did a fine job, did not really look like the serious, long-faced Bohr. Daniel London, who played Oppie, does look startlingly like Oppenheimer – except for the eyes. Oppenheimer was famous for his bright blue eyes. In his interview, Dimas Chavez, a young boy at Los Alamos during the project, recalled Oppenheimer’s “majestic blue eyes.” “Manhattan” continues to portray Oppenheimer as brusque with his subordinates, but this episode also highlighted his eloquence in his toast to Bohr. We are looking forward to seeing where Oppenheimer’s storyline goes and which other real scientists the show chooses to introduce. We would love to see Richard Feynman play a prank on somber Frank Winter!
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