Frequency: Bleed Over
October 27, 2016 5:20 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Raimy and Frank try to gain intel from a girl whose mother was taken by Nightingale, as the date of Julie's abduction looms near. Meanwhile, Raimy doesn't recognize a man who remembers her from the past, but she soon begins to recall details of their night together.
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Watching Gordo reminds me of when I saw Robert Sean Leonard suck all the life out of the most recent Broadway revival of The Music Man. I had seen it twice with Craig Bierko in the lead, who was phenomenal and seemed to be channeling Robert Preston. Then Eric McCormack took over, and though I preferred Bierko, McCormack still nailed it, being a natural comic. Then Leonard took the part, and it was like he thought he was playing Hamlet -- lines that had gotten big laughs the other 3 times I'd gone just went flat, he even dropped one of his own punchlines, to my everlasting horror.

Not to be all 'When Harry Met Sally', but I think they would have been better off gender-flipping Gordo along with Raimy, so the best friend could be more of a symbol of the road not taken, the happy stay-at-home soccer-mom. I don't know how they fix it now though. Maybe showing a scene of Gordo's happy home life would remove the creepy vibe, but I don't know how they can punch up the comedy.
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I loved this episode after not being too excited last week. We had some real timestream back-and-forth stuff, the twist (Which I saw coming, but still enjoyed) of the daughter faking a Nightingale abduction, and some good father/daughter chemistry both across the years and locally in 1996. They ramped up the tension of Raimi's mom's impending abduction, and almost had a real clue with the truck.

I have to say, though, after defending Gordo last week, I found him creepy as fuck this time. They really went wrong with that character.
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Chilling scene near the end, where Dad is teaching Raimy how to whittle so he will have a reason to give her a knife (and notice how he casually prompts her to keep it next to her bedside, without actually telling her to).
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