Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Lost and Found   Show Only 
October 29, 2016 7:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

New info surfaces about the kidnapping of Patrick Spring's daughter, Lydia. Elsewhere: mysterious characters spark a wild hostage situation.
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Good to see Plinkett is keeping busy
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I liked this episode better than the pilot; though I'm still not finding Todd or Dirk very compelling as characters. I'm more interested in the storyline of Ken & the assassin. Loved how nonsensical her "cars fix themselves, that's what they do" lines sounded at first, but then by the end of the sequence you see that, from her perspective it's completely true.
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I also liked this episode better than the pilot. Still like Todd more than Dirk although Dirk did get a tad more fleshed out. I don't expect any of the characters to be fully developed yet so I'm fine with it.

Really enjoying the assassin.

However, they need to stop introducing new characters. Either let us know the current characters or kill more of them off before introducing new characters. I'm hoping the show can find better legging between now and episodes 4 or 5.

I wouldn't normally find the thing with the dog funny but for some reason adding the human element and then very human WTF reaction of tossing the dog made me laugh my ass off here. (Helps that it was made clear that the dog was okay.)
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Fuck yeah strong female characters! Even Amanda, Todd's sister, isn't a damsel who needs saving. In fact, she's more bold than her brother AND Dirk (though Dirk has probably experienced the full effect of their wrath, and Todd has, too, while she just knows some weird guys followed Todd).

Still - she threw a chunk of concrete at their van (and their reply was great, especially that Amanda wasn't terribly menaced by it). Also: "fuck off" drum solo kicked ass.

Meanwhile, how is it that Patrick Smith rolled with bodyguards plural, but it's Farah Black's duty to keep him safe? One of the weird skinhead *eds (Ned, Fred or Zed, I don't remember) said "Him being dead seems to me an oversight on your part." So is she head of his security detail?

Still, I'm enjoying all this, and I look forward to see where it all goes. Two episodes down, six to go.
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I was hoping to find that someone has already tied the insignias on the board of Project Black Wing (which covers 30 dangerous individuals at large, including "Icarus," the one currently going by the name "Dirk Gently") to screenshots of the *eds, to figure out how many we have already met, and any other clues.

But so far, no luck.
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I don't think the *eds are subjects of project Blackwing. I do think the holistic assassin is one of the 42 (hmm, where have I seen that number before) .
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Ahaha I nearly died laughing when the guy who called himself the Supreme Soul flung himself to the ground to get outta the way of Dirk’s car on the bridge, but never moved his arms from his sides.
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