My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 327: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 92 - 111
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We're one brother short this week, because -- get this -- Travis is a dad! He's on a break for a bit, so we're keeping the good ship MBMBaM afloat in his absence with this best-of episode. There's some good stuff in the 20 episodes included, although "consistent audio quality" is unfortunately not one of them. 0:40 - The First Bill Clinton Impression 2:18 - The Opposite of Love 6:53 - A Nice Long Run on Dilbert's Tie 12:08 - Adopt a Celebrity 13:39 - Stack Soap 16:09 - Christmas at Golden Corral 17:40 - Jurassic Park Accent 20:57 - Gettin' it in 20 Doz 25:05 - Fear of Tigers 26:16 - Extreme Restraints Jingle 27:45 - How to Improve My Scorpions? 34:01 - HBO Fear 47:33 - Beedogs 48:49 - Austin Powers Party 50:25 - Am I Good? 57:00 - Dark Web Inception 57:38 - I Hate You, Ron 1:01:58 - A Daymare Pile of Watercolor Donors 1:04:04 - MBMBaM Summer Classics Promo 1:05:45 - The Garfield Monstrosity 1:12:12 - Pizza Launcher 1:14:00 - Justin's New Character, Educated Justin 1:16:25 - Final Yahoo
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This was a hot banger of a clips show, I'll tell you what. "Am I Good?", Garfield Monstrosity, _and_ I Hate You Ron! Going in on Scott Adams! Jingles!
posted by kmz at 9:08 AM on November 2, 2016 [1 favorite]

I had to stop at "How to Improve My Scorpions," this morning but I am so excited to get to "I Hate You, Ron." I've only heard it once, and it still makes me laugh whenever I think about it. Man, the Golden Corral story hits such a sweet spot between so, so sad and still hilarious. Poor boys.
posted by gladly at 9:13 AM on November 2, 2016

I could swear they called him step-Ron at some point, but that must be another step-father from another goof.

It was quite exciting to hear the start of "Am I good?" again.
posted by maxsparber at 9:44 AM on November 2, 2016 [1 favorite]

They did abbreviate the bit some, notably missing "Don Ron Don Johnson".
posted by kmz at 9:55 AM on November 2, 2016 [1 favorite]

Oh, I had forgotten how wonderful Griffin's, "YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT FINISHING?" was.
posted by gladly at 7:08 PM on November 2, 2016 [2 favorites]

This clip show covers the best period of the show so far since I started going back and listening from the beginning, and this compilation only scratches the surface. The episode that Garfield goof comes from also has the Japanese Ghost of Dale Earnhardt bit in it, and that didn't even make the cut! The entire episode with the Spanish Mr. DNA is also amazing.
posted by jason_steakums at 6:25 AM on November 3, 2016 [1 favorite]

I wasn't going to download this one, but there's a Stack Soap listed there that has changed my mind.
posted by minsies at 10:36 AM on November 3, 2016 [1 favorite]

I still hum "Put your soap in my soap" from time to time.
posted by drezdn at 10:46 AM on November 3, 2016 [2 favorites]

I will say that as much as I love this stretch of episodes it does not have the best mixing! Always having to crank my speakers to hear Justin, just for Griffin to explode my head Scanners-style a few seconds later.
posted by jason_steakums at 5:02 PM on November 3, 2016

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