Arrow: Human Target
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As per the title of the episode, another long-time DC hero shows up in Star City, thanks to an invitation from Spartan. Speaking of Spartan, John meets the new team and gets to know Wild Dog a little better. Flashback Oliver completes his entry into the Bratva.

Okay, I'll admit it, I kind of enjoyed this episode. Oliver and Felicity are finally back to acting like adults with each other. John seems to be getting through to Wild Dog (somebody had to). Politics in Star City seem to be humming along (thanks to Christopher Chance, not Oliver, but we'll take the win). Visually, the director did a good job of keeping things interesting. And I liked that Felicity and Curtis laughed about the fact that yes, people can just randomly walk into the secret headquarters.

Sure there were some dumb things about it (it's an episode of Arrow after all) like why they'd think putting Church in jail would mean Oliver's secret identity would be safe (now I could see if they locked him up in the secret Argus prison, maybe that would work).

I'm not sure that Chance needed to be tied into the Bratva story but given that the reporter has found out about it and about Oliver's time in Russia, I'm willing to give the writers a chance to make this interesting.

Additionally I'm not really sure about the actor playing Chance. I think it's because he reminds me of the one who played Carter Hall on Legends (maybe it's the facial hair), and we all know how well that turned out. Actually I don't think the stubble works. It would be annoying under the masks and interfere with the look, wouldn't it? While Mark Valley didn't see to be quite suave enough to pull off how I interpret Chance, I think I liked him better in the role, at least from a physical point of view.

On the fashion watch, Felicity's great trench is back and Thea wasn't dressed for clubbing (although I could have done without the the back zipper stripe).

On a side note, is there any point in continuing these DCCW (Flash, Arrow, Legends) discussions? There seem to be fewer and fewer of us participating and the posts seem to be going up later and later.
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Did anybody catch that final city in Church's grand scheme? I didn't recognize it. The rest were DC locations (Vic Sage's Hub City, Dick Grayson's Bludhaven, and Jay Garrick's Keystone City).
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The last city was White something. I didn't recognize it and can't find anything on Wikipedia's list of fictional DC cities.
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I thought it said "White Holland" which sounded really off to me. Do you remember what scene it was in? I can go back and double check but it's easier when I know where I'm looking. Not that any of this matters at all, but it was just one of those stupid things that jumped out at me.
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"Hey Rene/Wild Dog, get out there with us so I'll only the be second-shittiest helmet on the Arrow team!" - John "Spartan" Diggle
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Do you remember what scene it was in? I can go back and double check but it's easier when I know where I'm looking.

36:00 in Oliver's speech to the media. It sounds like White Holland, White Hollens, White Holan.

On a side note, is there any point in continuing these DCCW (Flash, Arrow, Legends) discussions? There seem to be fewer and fewer of us participating and the posts seem to be going up later and later.

It seems like there's less to discuss. Barry's stupid, Legends are incompetent (though less so), and Oliver is still trying to protect Star city from people who want to conquer/destroy it. Without insights the post's write-up is just a synopsis.
I'm willing to do them in a timely fashion but without customization, I'd just take something from wikipedia or some other source. I've been self conscious of my writing lately, I had a good post for the episode 2 or 3 of The Flash but delayed it until someone else posted.
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On a side note, is there any point in continuing these DCCW (Flash, Arrow, Legends) discussions? There seem to be fewer and fewer of us participating and the posts seem to be going up later and later.

I still want the posts - maybe I'm biased by the fact that I post for several low-comment-volume shows though.

Very odd to see Christopher Chance as a character having only been familiar with him via the Mark Valley version (which I adored - season 1 anyway, before the network retooled it to hell). Is his mimicry skill meant to have any superpower/comic-book-super-science basis, or are we just supposed to accept the mask as being a perfect disguise and yet able to be ripped off in seconds the a la Mission Impossible?
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There isn't supposed to be any super power behind it, just lots of acting, mimicry, make-up and prosthetics talent, so yeah, Mission Impossible.

The various TV interpretations always make him appear younger than his comic book version. Personally I'd love to see somebody a bit older with some grey on his temples.
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It seems like the shows are treading water again in the lead up to the big crossover. I have a feeling that there are things coming up prior to the holiday break that we'll want to discuss, particularly on Legends. I say we keep it going.
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Yeah I appreciate the posts. Keep 'em coming! I rarely catch the episodes within the week, but once I do I'd make the post if there isn't one.

I'm still a little annoyed that they don't just let Ragman (ugh, that name) be front and center. His power basically makes the rest of the rookies moot in most of the fights. He should just swoop in and start kicking ass while the rest of them sneak around doing what they need to do. The part in the last episode where he carried Curtis out while Rene basically got his ass kicked was so dumb.

But anyways, this season is actually pretty enjoyable.
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I was zoning out bored during the first half and getting more interested in the second half, so yay to that. Keep the comments coming, this show varies enough that I haven't given up on it yet.

I didn't give a crap about Church, so that was fine by me.

Oliver acting like an adult to Felicity was impressive. As for her, I enjoyed her putting the mask on her face and growling, "You have failed this city!" and Oliver's unhappy look while the the recruits giggled in the back, and her being all, well, gee, I was afraid you'd show up on my balcony....
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I thought the actor who played Church was terrific, but the character himself never really came across as a credible big bad. It didn't help that he largely seemed to kick his enemies while they were down; I didn't get the sense he was a real threat in a fair fight. I am disappointed we didn't get to see Rene kick his ass, though.
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As a non-comics reader I was confused by the face-changing guy who can apparently take bullets at close range and not be injured. Is he also the source of that photo of Oliver in the Bratva club?

Sorely disappointed that in his list of drug markets he was about to control Church didn't mention utopium.
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I have zero doubt that we see little of Ragman for one reason only: $

I'm Gladys hear from another fan of the fox Human Target show. I even enjoyed it post retool.
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Yeah, they really needed to do a better job of explaining who/what Christopher Chance is for those people who don't follow comics.

Essentially Chance is a single-focus body guard (although he'd hate that term) who works for people who are under death threats. He has no powers or abilities beyond being a good actor/mimic/make-up artist. So when he's shot, he's not bouncing bullets like Superman, he's (likely) just taking them into a bulletproof vest and using Hollywood fake blood packs to sell the death. (Although in my reading experience he's typically not shown wearing a vest. I do recall a couple of issues where the person he is guarding is shown with body armor under a different disguise.)

He typically sets himself up as a detective of sorts, trying to figure out who has issued the death threat while working to prevent the assassination.
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