Lucifer: My Little Monkey
November 8, 2016 5:15 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

New evidence reveals that the murder of Chloe's father was not a just a stick-up turned deadly. Meanwhile, Lucifer follows Dan around in an effort to learn how to act "Normal"; Maze goes job-hunting; Dr. Linda tries to hang on to her sanity.
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I'm really liking all the non Lucifer + Chloe pairings that are happening this season, although I was really hoping to get much more Dr. Linda this episode. It would have been fun to watch her work through her shock in a bit more depth.

We never really found out what Chloe's dad was investigating, did we? I know the warden said he'd come clean about his compatriots, but this is likely to rear its head again in the future isn't it? At some point Chloe will stumble upon the BIG CONSPIRACY (or the conspirators) will be out for revenge then we'll end up with a plot similar to what happened in the first season.
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There was a lot to love in this episode - Dan's killer abs and Lucifer impression, Maze winning back Dr. Linda and finding her new job on Earth. I do hope that whatever the deal is with Dad Decker isn't dragged out too long (the AV Club brought up the 'who killed Beckett's mom' Castle arc and, ye gods please no).
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They do seem to be going towards the "angels fall, demons rise, humans in the middle" idea with Maze and Lucifer through their caring for their human friends doing kind/altruistic things that aren't demonic, the opposite of what happened to Uriel in his haphazard fall from being a full-on Angel.
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Soooo...Now there's a mob hit order out on Lucifer, right? They didn't wave that little issue away that I can recall. And, I do find it odd that a mob boss (or one of his henchmen) doesn't recognize the owner of one of the most popular nightspots in all of LA.
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He seems to be increasingly antagonistic to Chole's daughter, not in a mean way but grabbing toast and not in a cute way? I expect that means he'll be sacrificing himself for the dear sweet child in a future major plot twist.
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Anyway, needs more piano.
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Poor Maze in this one. Though the trick or treat was cute. Her half face is a lot better than the comic book original.

Dear god, that American accent! The double shirtless! The double hoodies!
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