Designated Survivor: The Interrogation
November 10, 2016 8:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Kirkman faces challenges and questions in his attempts to restore Congress. The chief suspect is questioned about the bombing.

Kirkman brings the governors together and agrees to answer questions about himself and his agenda to win them over, disappointing his wife in turn. Nassar is questioned by the FBI about the Capitol bombing, and it is revealed that he is claiming credit for something his organization didn't do. With the FBI deliberately slowing down the VP background check, Aaron fast-tracks his own.
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I think I'm done with the show. I tried to hang in there, I really did...but whether it is the current real political situation or just what felt like a really flat, uninspired, blah episode, I'm out. Not even worth hate-watching.

Pretty much everyone this episode didn't feel "real"; they are all just plot pieces moving and doing what is needed to create an hour of TV, with nothing compelling. I don't give a shit about the "baby daddy" plotline; the FBI interrogation was boring (come on, Pembleton it up in there! Give us some time pressure, and someone who knows how to do a compelling scene in the box!); the governors demands to Kirkland were cartoon villain territory, and his caving/self-doubt crap is tired. Make him stand by his principles then. Make him win these people over. Make him something to believe in - right now, I could do with an earnest politician who is trying is damn best to be principled and remind others of the importance of them. Make him compelling. Make somebody compelling.

Possible worst scene/moment - Nassar being walked to his interrogation being intercut with Kirkman walking into the room with the Governors. Heavy handed and a horrible attempt to draw parallels.

Best scene/moment - Seth's awkward flirting
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Yeah, I also think I'm out. I FF'd through most of the episode. I still want to know "what happens", but I can keep up reading recaps.
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We finally made time to watch this one last night, and we're out, too. It's just too dumb to tolerate. Every governor in America would be eager to make their appointments to the Senate, and if someone balks, all Kirkman has to say is "Hey, the Senate will be back up and running within a couple of weeks. We're going to start proposing legislation and passing laws. I think it's a good idea for your state to have a voice, but if you'd rather wait until the next election day, that's up to you."

And, really, who it's been, what, a week or two since we lost SCOTUS, the Senate, the Cabinet, and all but two representatives and Kirkman thinks it's a smart idea to put every US governor in the same room now?
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I just started watching this show on Netflix, and I secretly love it. It's mindless action bubble gum with likable characters (which makes up for some of the bizarre leaps of logic in the show). But the main reason I like it is that it's so damn nice to watch a decent person in the White House, trying to do the right thing. It's interesting that the FanFare write-ups ended in Nov 2016 - just after the election. I wonder if there would be more interest in the series now that we've had almost 2 years of such a disastrous administration that it defies belief. My heart yearns for civility and positivity and thoughtfulness in this country's leadership. This show, ridiculous as it is, is actually making me feel better.

I just started season 2 and am really glad Netflix picked it up for another season.
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I also love it! So dumb. And the intro graphic jacket-flip is golden.
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