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November 13, 2016 6:25 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Dirk and Todd face danger that Patrick Spring left behind and Amanda and Farah encounter an FBI agent as police start putting together the results of their case.

AV Club recap - Dirk Gently narrowly escapes several painful deaths, but succumbs to a painful trope

*Last episode's surviving FBI agent gets body-swapped into a mouse and eaten by Rapunzel-dog-Lydia, while one of the Ed's takes up residence in his human body.
*Dog-Lydia is still in police custody.
*No Ken/Bart scenes this week.
*The Rowdy Three rescue Dirk & Todd from the last of Spring's trap rooms, then do that aura-sucking thing to Dirk.
*The puzzle rooms led them to a new mystery-map.
*Gordon goes uber-creepy and kills his Lux-self's old girlfriend. And now he's wearing the coat we saw hotel-hallway-future-Todd wearing.
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Grr, amazon, lost leader, the first ep is free. So is this episode worth $2.99?
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So is this episode worth $2.99?

Probably not? I enjoyed it more than I thought I'd like an episode with no Bart & Ken, but I don't think I would have liked it if I had to pay for it.
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I enjoyed this one but not sure I'd pay $2.99. I've been watching the episodes the day after they air on the comcast website. If you've got internet through comcast or at&t you can probably watch them online for free? (Looks like there's a list of providers on BBC America.)
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This was an interesting episode, and I liked seeing Todd shift from wimpy "let's hide somewhere safe" to "you got us into this, I'm going to get us out," but it was so sudden I half expected it to be a body-swap with Dirk. (Not sure if it's $2.99 interesting, as I also viewed it for free.)

RIP Sammy, reduced to a "thing that Lux wanted"

Question: if body-snatched Agent Weedle can call forth some other influences and information, is there more going on than "mere" body-hopping?
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Springsborough Power Access

You are standing next to a mysterious little building, before a patch of shrubbery. On the wall before you is an odd interface. Farah and Todd are discussing something important off to the west, around the corner and near the open gate.

Framed by a square, iron frame a single six-sided eye seems to glare back at you.

You are carrying:
A magic light bulb
A small quantity of cash
A mysterious hand crank

It's just a mysterious hand crank.

I don't think that's how it works.
Farah's voice grows louder. They seem to be getting closer.

What, your eye or the interface's?

After peering closer, you see that the six-sided eye has six sides! Exactly like the end of your crank.

You shouldn't do that to your eye!
Farah's and Todd's voices grow quieter. They seem to have forgotten about you.

Carefully, you insert the head of the hand crank into the six-sided eye.

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We're on episode four. Really enjoying the characters and the story, not really like the books (but the death maze felt like Starship Titanic) but entertainingly inspired-by. My biggest peeve is Dirk though: he is like nails on a blackboard.
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