Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Monster in the Closet
November 15, 2016 5:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

When hard-boiled weirdo cop Adrian Pimento (returning guest star Jason Mantzoukas) reappears after spending months in hiding, he and Rosa decide to tie the knot, and the whole gang pitches in to help. But perhaps the universe has other plans? Meanwhile, Holt experiences VIN-DI-CA-TION!

Bonus B99 stuff!

Spoileriffic preview of next week's Thanksgiving episode: Jake finally meets Amy's dad, "Mr. Santiago", played by [REDACTED].

Hey, check it out! Andre Braugher has just been nominated for his third consecutive Critics' Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
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I liked this episode. Didn't love it. Got a leetle more Pimento than I want.

I am worried about where they're taking Holt. The occasional weird affectation is one thing, but the balloon arch subplot just didn't work.
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This was funny, not outstanding, but I do have to admit, I laughed so hard at Pimento in the closet that I had to pause for a coughing fit.
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I did not like this episode because I do not like Pimento, but I am glad they called off the wedding and now they can break up and he can never, ever appear on the show again. He's way too over the top for the show and is a huge tonal mismatch.
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I don't mind Pimento, but he's a small dose guy. Kinda glad he and Rosa didn't break up so there's potential for more crazy here and there.
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"*sigh* Look at me... so drunk I'm alliterating like a beatnik" has to go down as one of the greatest Holt lines.
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"I got eye rolled TO, not eye rolled AT." Loved Hitchcock & Scully being competent.
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I totally get why Pimento is a divisive figure in B99 fandom, but I don't care because A) I genuinely enjoy Jason Mantzoukas's knack for playing lovable scumbags and B) he reminds me of the years I spent working with a real-life Pimento and never quite knowing whether he was hilarious or terrifying.

(My Pimento was a hard-drinking ex-US Army Ranger with possible IRA/Irish mob ties. Last I heard, he was making money doing tough-man competitions on weekends. Mostly I hope I never hear about him again.)

But for me the best thing about this episode was watching Stephanie Beatriz once again playing all the emotions behind her Rosa Diaz mask. I don't know how she does it exactly, but you can read Rosa's fear and uncertainty about the marriage right there in all of her scenes leading up to the reveal. Deadpan characters can be tough to play, but Beatriz gets it really right here.
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Yeah, Stephanie Beatriz owned this episode. I really enjoyed drunk Rosa systematically getting the others depressed and drunk.

I can't get over how adorable it is, Terry imagining doing his daughters' hair at their weddings.

I also appreciated Scully's "I've been called the Leonardo da Vinci of sitting on my ass" accompanied by Hitchcock checking out said ass.
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