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Search Party follows Dory Stewart, a young New Yorker in her late 20s who is dissatisfied with her friends, her boyfriend, and her job. Dory's life changes when a college acquaintance who she barely knew, Chantal Witherbottom, goes missing. Dory finds new purpose in investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. TBS has released Search Party through on-demand cable services, and all episodes are currently available. Also available for streaming on their site, provided you have cable TV service that carries TBS.

The show has reviewed well, with Vulture (full season review) calling it "one of the best shows of 2016." The AV Club (first episode review, more to come this week) gives it a B+.

The four main characters are played by Alia Shawkat (Dory), John Reynolds (Drew), John Early (Elliot), and Meredith Hagner (Portia).
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I really and truly love this show. Not so many laugh-out-loud gags but I'm just sitting there nodding intently going "Yes. Yes. This. I get this. I know these people. I hate these people. I'm with this."
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Except Dory, of course, who I love.
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TBS has been releasing some quality serialized shows recently - The Detour, Angie Tribeca, and now Search Party.

In a way, it reminds me of Bored To Death, although it feels a lot more scattered in terms of where the writers wanted it to be. It's like it's the offspring of BtD with Girls. A mystery show with assholes. Still like it, 'to.
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(however, after finishing, it also reminded me of what I called the Dumbass Mystery Club in Twin Peaks composed by Donna, Maddy and James, who got themselves into problems because, well, they were dumbasses who thought they were smarter than they actually were)
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That ending is a gut punch!
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I liked it a lot! It reminded me of The Long Goodbye, and The Big Lebowski. Interpretations of noir detective stories that are less about the mystery and more about the times in which they take place. For The Long Goodbye that means Marlowe stumbling (bemused) through an amoral, unbounded LA ruled by greed and corruption. For Lebowski that means The Dude trying to square hippy idealism with the bland commercialism of the 90s.

In Search Party, Dory also seems sort of unstuck in time, in terms of costuming, personality, etc. She doesn't seem able to cope with the superficiality of her life like Drew (who can sleepwalk through things so long as they're good enough), Portia (who has meager success, but boundless optimism and narcissism) and Eliot (a liar and opportunist). The mystery of Chantal offers her a fixed point and meaning, but ultimately doesn't have either. The mystery and the events surrounding it are mostly personal, petty, and not very mysterious.
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The search is over, yet now it's a show titled Search Party. Reminds me of how after season 1, the creators of Cougar Town hated the show's name.
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Note to screenwriters and showrunners everywhere: That last episode contains something called an "ending". Study it and don't take us on a trip until you've got one.
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I did not see that ending coming. Fully shook.
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Does anyone have Dory's number? I need to text her. Something about being smart from the very beginning.
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I memailed her
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Glad to hear the ending is good. I'm two episodes in, and honestly it's not really clicking with me yet, but if there's a proper ending, I'll stick with it.
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I noticed Starlee Kine of the Mystery Show podcast make a cameo at one point and thought it was just a shout out to said podcast, but it seems she was on as a writer for half the episodes!
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Dory, reading: "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."
Portia, cutesily: "Aw!"
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