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Ragnar has returned, with a plan to return to Wessex. Bjorn already has another destination in mind, with the aid of new ships from Floki. Ivar faces a test of his manhood.
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Did you all know this was back this week? Thank my Tivo "One Pass" or I would have missed it!
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Poor, sad lonely Ragnar. Gods aren't done with you yet, boy-o.

Shouldn't Floki have an apprentice by now? They're all getting old, and someone needs to be learning all his boat tricks, that's sort of important to pass along.
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Gah, Twitter kept reminding me...and I foolishly wasted my waking hours last night! I'll be back tomorrow with feelings...and thoughts. Thanks for posting!
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i really thought his whole "i won't see you in valhalla" thing to floki meant he was gonna reveal that he became christian so he could see athelstan again
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Thanks for the heads up!

The Ivar the Boneless arc grabbed me just now, and looked him up. Had a lot of difficulty finding primary sources, but there are claims that a family with genetic osteogenesis imperfecta in Norway traced their lineage back to Ivar. Whether they were of Ivar's progeny or one of his half/brothers is unclear.

Imagine a society where able-ism is the primary meritocratic parameter to success, having a congenital genetic defect that primarily affects physical ability and endurance is a helluva handicap. But historically, this Ivar fellow got what it took and was a respected/feared leader.

Not sure how realistic the portrayal that he has to be better than everyone at everything, but do it backwards and in high heels physically crippled.

This Alex H√łgh Andersen kid (who plays Ivar) could fall back on this role in his porfolio and get any scuzzbag role he wants in the future.

I liked how this episode advanced lots of different X's relationship with Y, &c. Ragnar-Floki-Helga was nice. Ragnar reconnecting with his kids. Surprise at the inner love between the kids despite outward behaviour.

Not that it has ever been a strong point in this series, but I more insight into what the smallpeople/non-warriors thought about Ragnar - or if they even cared much about warleaders who were away more often than not. It was neat that they acknowledged that one of the brothers recognized the future in trade, and couched it as "protecting mother," which is definitely meant in both physical and trade protection (maybe through physical means).

Wow. Third (next) season premier projected to be released at end of Nov/early Dec, 2017.
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Wow. Third (next) season premier projected to be released at end of Nov/early Dec, 2017.

That listing looks like an error to me. It says season 5 episode 1, but the title and description are for this very episode, which is season 4 episode 11.
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I also enjoyed the interactions among the brothers, especially the training scene where there's this hint of sibling rivalry during their training scene. I kept waiting for someone to lose a finger or something!

The words of the slave (whose name I can't recall) to Ivar was interesting. Was she just that wise or was she just that clever, finding a way to console and strengthen Ivar's sense of self after his unsurprising failure in attempting sex. None the less, it cast some insight into how Ragnar was seen, despite his great defeat in Francia, as such a great man, that even his children enjoy the benefit of simply being his offspring.

Since the time jump, it's really interesting to see how Kattagut (sp?) has evolved, along with the family's interaction with others. The king's hall was once this communal place where everyone ate together, hung out together, and now there's just one table for the ruling family to dine at. Bjorn has this pretty nice house that looks similar in size to the living space that his father enjoyed as king before the Francia trip. The family and the Vikings of the town have simply become more sophisticated.

Floki, man, he's always a source of feels. The way he reacted to Ragnar telling him he loved him was just, "OMG, you're going to give a boat to Ragnar and go with him to Wessex, aren't you?" I hope we get to see Bjorn and his Mediterranean Trip on the show, tho'.

Lagetha....given her history with men, I'm not shocked to find that she's kind of given up on them. There was this wonderful hint or window of the old original Ragnar, Season 1 Ragnar, so to speak, when he questioned her if the woman was Lagetha's lover.
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Was she just that wise or was she just that clever, finding a way to console and strengthen Ivar

I suspect that many women had to learn how to appease/manipulate men or they end up murderated.

How Ivar/Slave girl is playing out is an interested contrast to how Bjorn/Thorun played out. I wonder if the writer's intention is to show the difference between being brought up by Aslaug vs Largartha. Aslaug seems to 'let boys be boys' and implicitly condone power plays by her kids on the slave girl - whereas Bjorn had deep loyalty to Lagartha and apparent respect for Thorun.
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I suspect that many women had to learn how to appease/manipulate men or they end up murderated.

In hindsight, my comment looks kinda stupid. Thank you for cutting to the best answer!
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