Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Overmining
December 6, 2016 5:56 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

After incompetent day-shift Captain C.J. (returning guest star Ken Marino) fumbles some key evidence in a drug-trafficking case, Jake and Holt decide to help him get the collar -- and a transfer out of the Nine-Nine. Meanwhile, a beleaguered Terry battles Gina over her energy-inefficient space heater; Elsewhere, Boyle introduces Rosa to his favorite night shift pick-me-up, but is something suspicious afoot?
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The cold open.
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I am glad they went with a cold open whose punchline wasn't Holt doing something out of character. They go to that well too much lately and need to dial it back a bit.
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Boy did I enjoy this episode. Captain C.J. is a bit too incompetent for me, even in the cartoon world of the this show, but Ken Marino is very, very funny, and the Holt's overmining (and especially his use of the word) made it all very much worth it.

I also really wanted a professional foot massage after this episode but am not sure I could get over the weirdness of it.
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Loved "They're the only rock stars we have left."
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The foot massage stuff made me shudder, ugh.

I really enjoyed everything else, though. CJ not shutting up over the ear pieces left me making incoherent high-pitched noises of amused distress, and Gina's upperhands and last stands and "Not to brag, but I was namechecked in my kindergarten teacher's suicide note" were all horrifyingly riveting. And I'm now on a mission to use the word "snaccident."
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