Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Who's The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?
December 10, 2016 3:02 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Rebecca and Valencia investigate Josh's new girlfriend, while Paula continues to immerse herself in law school -- to the detriment of her family life.

Rebecca has a shenanigan buddy again! Valencia takes happily to stalking Anna, even coming up with a break-in plan on her own. Meanwhile, her old shenanigan buddy is so focused on Supreme Court decisions of the early 20th century that this time she's the one oblivious to the strain on her marriage.

Research Me Obsessively is not only catchy, but has an amazing freeze-frame bonus if you care to read the obituary that's on screen for a second.
You Go First is a successor to the hair-metal songs from "That Text Was Not Meant For Josh!" and is the staff hairdressers' time to shine.
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"I've never loved a cat before, because I've always thought they were haunted."
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The reprise of the "love about you / love me ??? / love about you" thing felt forced.
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I liked most of this episode. I don't know where they're going with Valencia. I really enjoyed their shenanigans and I kind of feel like Valencia is probably going to get worse before she gets better, so maybe we'll see some more mischief soon. I'd love if Heather could participate too! but I understand why she wouldn't want to.

The coffee house scene kind of made cringe though. It didn't really seem to fit in with the show...I feel like making fun of fancy/expensive/complicated coffee and the people who love them has been played out for a very long time and I don' t know why they went there. I liked foam Frida Kahlo though :)

Also what does everyone think of Sunil? My husband is convinced that he is going to turn to be Not What He Seems, but we're having a hard time really coming up with any theories about what might actually be going on with him. I personally have a hard time seeing him as sinister, but I feel like he's due for a moment-in-the-spotlight-episode soon, and I wonder what we'll learn.
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Will we ever get a full version of "Period Sex"? The world holds its breath.
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Meh. Lots of filler storylines I don't care much about.
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"I don't know where they're going with Valencia. "

Valencia interview: "Rachel [Bloom] is not only our star but our writer and dreamer; she and Aline created such huge arcs for these characters. At the end of season one, Aline had a meeting with all of the series regulars, and she brought me in and talked about what she wanted next for Valencia. ... But the fact that they wanted to flesh out her character and explore why she is the way she is and what happens next was … it made perfect sense that Valencia would never leave West Covina, period, because that’s her kingdom. The fact that it took awhile to run into her this season gave the story line a breath of fresh air and made Valencia’s new life even more interesting."
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The songs have been a little infrequent and slight of late, but "You Go First" was pretty good.
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I did quite enjoy "You Go First" — probably my favorite song so far this season.

I feel like I once saw an '80s video with a dancer in a white leotard randomly doing her thing, and that this video was a homage to that. But I can't place it for the life of me; does this ring a bell for anyone else?
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Pretty sure the video they were riffing on for "You Go First" was "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
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Is period sex really a controversial thing?
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I really wasn't too into Anna or this episode, but I did like the hair angst song at the end.
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