Project Runway: Finale, Part 1
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After heading home to work on their Fashion Week collections, the designers are visited by Tim who is not impressed with everything they have created so far. The designers return to New York and present the judges with three pieces from their collection and all of them realize how much work they have left before presenting all of their pieces at Fashion Week.

The final four have ten weeks and $9000.38 to create a ten piece collection. With two weeks to go, Tim visits them in various states of completion. Heidi can't make it to her own show so she video-conferences in, Michael Kors makes a welcome return. The secret word for the day is "cohesion".

No last minute twists unless you count taking time to make an embroidered logo.
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Entertainment Weekly says they had six weeks to create their collection, sorry.
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Laurence's heartbreaking backstory was the most real moment I've ever seen on this show.

To me this was possibly these were possibly the worst home visits and mini-collections since the first season. No wow moments for me at all, more like a whole bunch of wtfs murmured under my breath. So surprised by Laurence's designs, which to me were overall kind of matronly and kind of what's already in stores. So who was that designer we saw on the show all season? I wish she had stayed with her badassery and edgy designs, which also could have been done in whites (and would be much more refreshing that all of the black she did during the show). But beyond that, most everything pretty bad. Roberi's horrid mylar paper bag waists. Laurence's sad minimalist laderhosen. Erin's cold shoulder dress (so innovative) with sparkly resin discs all over it, and that Gunne Sax nightgown with the bag that said Clutch on it. Rik's embroidered denim paisley monstrosities. So much wtfuckery I can't even.

My favorite (which actually really isn't saying much) was Rik's short leather dress. It had a cool sixties vibe. He was doing a Jay Carroll thing (the headphones that matched every outfit) with the glasses and handbags and I didn't hate it. I think he should totally ditch the paisley embroidered things (although I understand his aunts did it and he is emotionally attached) - the fabric looks fine close up but reads terribly from a runway; everything bleeds into everything else and it's difficult to see exactly what you're looking at. That colorful embroidery belongs on a solid, not a denim paisley.

Rik's whole collection was just sad. I felt sad looking at it. I am totally on board with his nerdgirl vision (I do so love dresses with flats like sneakers or loafers) and love that he doesn't sex everything up but there's a lot of space between frumpy baggy sadness and skinsational sexiness and he needs to move the needle a bit closer to the middle of the gauge and make clothes that flatter. The dress with the ribbon top and the pink pleated bottom was actually gorgeous, but it was so loose up top that she looked like Cam Newton from the side - like she had on protective armor or a turtle shell on her back. Everything was just too unflattering and loose.

The sound effects while Tim was bowling cracked me up. That and the fact that he really bowls like that. And gets strikes! He is always up for anything and I want him to come visit me.

PS the recap link doesn't work, there's an extra http/ at the end.
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"...the designers are visited by Tim who is not impressed with everything they have created so far. ..."

Wait, I saw that episode in season 3, are they repeating plots already? ;-)
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Ooops I meant to edit my comment but forgot - I thought that Roberi's collection was sad, not Rik's.
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Final looks here
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Still on the Erin train, I mean, her collection looked fun *and* well made and very different. Art wear rather than fashion. I'm a sucker for bright colors, what can I say. I didn't realize she just graduated from art school; she's way ahead of the other ones who were recent grads. The sun dress was my least favorite except for the print which looked beautiful, like a combination of watercolor and toile. I'd like to see a close up of that.

The others, though, oof. I had high expectations for Laurence. Someone elsewhere said she should have taken her black leatherwear and made it in white and colors. Telling her story to Tim (ie national television) seemed like an invasion, she's such a self-contained person. I know the producers egg them on behind the scenes to get more drama. She's been pretty laid back for the entire series, I thought this was a last ditch effort to broaden her appeal. Her pearl tshirt was lovely but what I saw of the rest didn't look innovative at all.

Roberi, I thought Tim would ream him out for using that cheap-looking translucent fabric for the skirts. Rik, omg, that horrible denim that he was so proud of. Neither one ever designed anything that interested me.

Does anyone think that Heidi on the monitor was not actually live? Like her face and comments were inserted post production? Or maybe it's just that her Skype works better than mine.
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I found this episode to be very boring
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ME TOO. I had it on the background while I did nothing else and still lost track of what was going on.
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