Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics
December 16, 2016 10:41 PM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Jeff tries on some new clothes for an event. Robbie gets hot-headed when a reunion with a family member doesn't go as planned. Daisy's concept of "home" deepens, and Aida develops some side projects. Alphonso finally realizes that a Yo-Yo is not a toy.

Other stuff happens too.
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I feel like they set up a lot of interesting stuff this half-season and then let it die on the vine. Daisy's discovery of Robbie, his character and their relationship was fresh, and it validated her separation from the main team. But by the end Ghost Rider was little more than a temperamental tool that MAOS hoped would work when needed.

Simmons showed some nice development with her confidence and drive, and her relationship with Fitz had some mildly interesting obstacles, but I was literally unable to think of anything for them to put in the blurb for this episode.

Coulson and Mace are having a dick-measuring contest and they seem to be mutually impressed, so that story's mostly a tease (but I do like how Mace seems (for now) to be permitted to be perceived as decent despite being politically savvy).

I really like both Mack and Elena, but it feels to me like she's yanking his chain as much as he's yanking hers. There's potential in their relationship, but the handling of it feels pretty default to me.

And... where's Gabe?

I thought the previous episode was really great on its own merits. Overall I thought the half-season had tons of promise but really delivered an anticlimactic wrap-up. It can't be easy to balance character arcs with plots while dealing with network requirements, but I don't think this halfer made the playoffs.
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I dunno, I enjoy Mack and Elena. I think Elena is my favorite these days.

I felt sorry for May missing out on that drink...and wherever that is going.
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I think Elena is my favorite these days.

Me too! Not sure if this is really the place for this but have you watched Slingshot? (webseries with Yoyo).

I like how, even when the show does the exceedingly obvious thing (Aida as the Big Bad for the second half of the season...come on I think everyone saw that one coming), there is an unexpected twist (May LMD!). I'm not sure how excited I am for the other subplots that will be explored in 4B but I'm at least looking forward to that one.
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