Grimm: Trust Me Knot
January 13, 2017 7:17 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Nick makes a pact with potentially deadly consequences; Diana demonstrates her power while in the care of Monroe and Rosalee; and Eve and Trubel do some digging to figure out the mystery of the cloth found with the healing stick.
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i'm calling it: Renard dies by Death Grip. the stick is powered via Death Grips, so every person that's been healed by it has to deal with one. There might be a sacrifice to save either Nick or Monroe because of it.
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Yes, they took care to remind us several times about the Death Grip.

I liked the "and this is how we're going to restore the status quo and get Nick reinstated at OPD" / "oh wait no we're not" twist of Renard evading the Trust Me Knot deal.

Nick certainly is getting a bit Gollum-ey over the Stick, no?
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In order for Renard to be killed by the Death Grip, though, somebody else has to die first to be doing the gripping. I'm hoping they don't get kill-tastic on the main cast what with knowing it's the series finale (though I don't think any of them have the ability to do the Death Grip? and they certainly can't have some random walk-on wesen take out Renard).
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I mean, it's a piece of the true Cross, right? It heals people, it erased all of Eve's sins (making her a valid Death Grip target...), they found it under a church...
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