Legends of Tomorrow: Raiders of the Lost Art
January 24, 2017 8:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn try to capture Rip Hunter in 1967 and create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends....

...However, when the team arrives they discover that Rip has no memories of his past due and is just a graduate film student. After trying to convince Rip of who he was, they discover that he possesses an incredibly powerful artifact known as the Spear of Destiny, which the Legion of Doom is after.

CBR review - George Lucas is the Legend's only hope

Den of Geek - Legends of Tomorrow meets George Lucas, yes, that one, in "Raiders of the Lost Art."
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Phil Gasmer was the best, I'm going to be so sad when the Rip Hunter persona reasserts itself. (I mean, the wig was beyond atrocious, but the screaming and weaseling was so much more endearing than the Captaining of last season.) I love this stupid show.
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I really liked this one. The George Lucas stuff was hilarious - I loved when Nate was all, "Stay in school!" I also loved the nods - 'You're our only hope!' and the entire trash compactor sequence.

I'm also a fan of stoner-loser rebooted Rip. He's tons more fun, and it's nice to see Darvill playing a decent person.

The Mick/Stein stuff was also pretty funny. I laughed out loud at this exchange:
Sarah: What are you doing?
Martin: Brain surgery. What does it look like?
Also, I like the Merlyn/Darhk/Thawne teamup. (Non-Wells Thawne is really growing on me on this show, and he remains both a fantastic menace for an entire team, and a good reminder of how dangerous Barry really is over on The Flash.)

So yeah. Surprisingly good stuff here, hope they keep it up.
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I'm still constantly surprised every time that Thawne hasn't just straight up killed the entire team when he runs into them. Like, it'd be so easy. None of them are fast enough.
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So now that the LoT League of Doom is officially Dahrk, Thawne and Merlyn I'm yelling out "Dahrk and Lovely!" everytime it's just the two of them doing evil buddy cop action scenes together.

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I'm still constantly surprised every time that Thawne hasn't just straight up killed the entire team when he runs into them.

I think you have no choice but to just squint and look away from this because otherwise nothing about the speedsters makes sense. That lack of instamurder is a big thing but realistically almost every other sort of encounter doesn't make sense either. Barry, Thawne, et al can move at this tremendous pace (which the shows never can decide is about 600mph or just below light speed) and presumably see what's around them and react accordingly. So why do they spend so much time dealing with enemies in real time and not just zip zip zip disarm/restrain/kill them?

At best you can say they have to sometimes drop into normal person time to cope with the fact that you can know exactly where something is or you can know how fast it's moving & where it's going... but not both. So okay, you need to deal with Darke and Merlin in their operating speed to suss out what the hell is happening. But the second Thawne drops in and sees that Hunter is starting to raise his (actually empty) pistol then Hunter shouldn't have the pistol anymore. Brass magic stick LOJACK finder gets dropped? Thawne has it before everyone else hears the *tink* of it hitting the ground. Etc and on.

All that is why I really loved the blend of goof and action in this episode. It worked for me on every level. The Star Wars references were delightful (missing: something about how all this shooting and nobody hits anything) and I actually found the idea of how these adventures inspired people to be pretty charming. But they didn't let that keep them from joking about it, like Nate's thing about becoming a handsome archeologist. Martin and Mick's stuff was a nice mix of serious and goof too.

I'm feeling very encouraged by what seems to be them finding their footing here.
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I'm feeling very encouraged by what seems to be them finding their footing here.

I was especially heartened by Stoner-Rip's bit about how lousy his movie's villain was compared to Merlyn and Dahrk, as a nice meta mea culpa from the writers about the suckitude of S1 Vandal Savage. And for the bit about how the Spear of Destiny is just a McGuffin.
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The George Lucas stuff was hilarious

oKAY so by far the funniest thing to me was George Lucas using the Spear of Destiny to become a director

Lucas is not a good director

he's just not


(the second funniest thing was "you're our only hope")
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